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Civil Ceremony Gift

Hello!  I will be attending the Civil Ceremony of a very dear friend of mine tomorrow evening.  It is going to be a small intimate ceremony by the J of P, with only about 16 of us in attendance.  It is going to take place at her family friends home, and we will have drinks and appetizers after the ceremony.  They are planning a big backyard barbecue reception for early June for the extended family and friends. 
My question... gift!!!  Do I give them a gift tomorrow (I was planning on at least a card), or wait until the big ceremony?  Do I get them something small tomorrow, and then give them something bigger at the ceremony.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!  Thanks.

Re: Civil Ceremony Gift

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    Since you are invited to the small ceremony I would give the gift then but you can certainly wait to give your gift at the larger reception.  I, personally, wouldn't give to gifts for pretty much the same occassion.

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    Thank you!!
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    I would only give a gift at the first one. 
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    I might bring a bottle of champagne or a card with a gift card for a dinner out or something to the JOP ceremony. I agree with PPs that I likely wouldn't give gifts for both occasions (JOP and bbq).
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    Thanks!!  any ideas on what kind of gift, or should I just do cash??
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    Thanks Meegles!! great ideas :)
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