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September 2013 Weddings


Ok, I am being *slightly* sneaky and getting married this september for various reasons, our actual ceramony isn't until september of next year.  But I am not changing my name right away.  What I need to know is if I am a private pay insurace holder, if I have to let my insurance company know even if I don't change my name. From what little information I've gathered until I go down to the SSA office I don't have to bother doing anything with anything else because nothing is being affected with a name change.  

Anyone have any other information they could pass along? 


Re: Insurance

  • You don't have to change your name ever if you don't want too, so no you dont have to do anything untill you deside to leaglly change your name.  At least that is how it is in the state of Ohio.  You will have to let them know if you want to add him to your insurance or whatever and at that point normaly you just send your marrage license. 


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