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HELP - Major freak out !!!!

I just read on a blog for my city that the venue we booked for our at home reception will be turning into a hair salon / bar after the new year !!!!

The contact for the venue was very active at the beginning but after I paid my deposit became very very bad at responding to emails and getting me detailed information. My FI & I both talked about how weird it all seemed and how we should probably find a back up. Now we have no where to go for our at home reception..and we interviewed and went to SOOO many places before deciding on this one. 

We have already send STD's, lined up flowers, decorations, catering, DJ and acoustic music for the venue =( We are not sure what to do ....................Cry

I almost just want to cancel it because I cannot deal with trying to re-plan this. ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT.

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Re: HELP - Major freak out !!!!

  • Okay, this happened to me for mine.  It sucks the big one, but we still did it.  What you'll do is send out post cards from vista print for the new place that you chose to have the AHR at.  Some people won't get them because the post office sucks at life.  Spread the word like wild fire, just like you do for your registry :)  It's okay, seems like the end of the world, but everything happens for a reason.  You're going to find one that's even better than this place, I know it! 
  • OMG I would be freaking out too.  I wish I had something better to tell you haha.  Agree w/ Sarah - just get little post cards that simply state that your venue has changed....

    I would be raising absolute hell with whoever took my deposit.

    Good luck, lady.  I'm sure it'll work out!
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  • A hair salon/bar?!  I have never heard of such a thing.  Can you go over to the place and see if you could talk to someone?  If not, do you know who owns the building?  They might be able to help with finding the contact person.  I would see if you could just change the venue, the rest of the vendors shouldn't have a problem, right?
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  • It'll be fine.  You already have all the details worked out.  Just have them find you another venue and have them pay the difference.  it's the least they can do.  Then let all your vendors know where the new location is, as well as your guests. You will be fine. It will all work out. 
  • I agree with the others, it seems like the end of the world but you can TOTALLY do this :) The other vendors will switch locations if you get a new one lined up, so its really just the venue to worry about right now. Find a new venue, get the word our. VistaPrint is a great suggestion!
    Let us know if you need anything we can help with, even just to vent :)
  • I have the contact information , I just have not called/emailed her yet. My FI and I want to figure out the best way to handle this before we call her.

    The problem is we already looked at almost every venue in the area that we were interested in....and this place was one of the few that fit what we needed. We invited 250 people so it has to be big. Some of the places are already booked and others just will not fit ... we are going to search like crazy this week ...........
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  • Thanks ... I already fill somewhat calmer. But still...AHHHHHHHHH
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  • That's one thing I have found this board is great for, helping you feel calmer :)

  • do like your siggy picture, take a moment, and breathe.  It'll be ok.  This board is meant for moments like this

    First things first, get your money back!  You have all the details planned, and that's the hard part.  Now you just need to find the place to have the AHR and you're done.  Have you definitely confirmed with your contact that they're closing?  No exceptions?  What area of NC are you looking at for your AHR?
  • Raleigh. We want to be downtown (we have also blocked a hotel downtown within walking distance of the venue ...)

    We are going to call her as soon as I get home (and send an email). We will see what she says.

    I have scheduled 3 places to look at next week ... hopefully it will all work out !
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  • Ugh I am sorry you are having to deal with this!  I don't have anything else to add I would just say that I agree with the other girls.  I am sending you hugs and lots of knottie vibes that one of the 3 places works out!  Good luck and keep us posted!

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