Recommendations please!!! : )

My fiancé and I are eloping to Savannah. We're staying at the Gastonian and I couldn't be more excited! I was just looking for some recommendations for hair stylists and photographers. The B&B did provide us a list of recommendations, but this is a big day for us and was wondering if any ladies on here had recommendations of their own, bride to bride. Any feedback would be very appreciated!

Re: Recommendations please!!! : )

  • I sent you a PM :)
  • I am getting married there next month.  I hired Lynn Davis from Savannah Professional Make-Up Artist or something like that. She and a hairstylist from her salon are coming to my hotel to do my make-up.  I have heard they are wonderful and the rates seemed to be in line with everyone else I looked up.  I hired Beacon Photo as my photographer. 
  • We can help with the photography!

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    The girl that did my hair/makeup isn't in the area anymore, but she was affiliated with the Savannah Wedding Studio.  Our photographer was Jenny Goodman (Images by Jenny).  I was really pleased with our pictures and her cost was extremely reasonable.
  • Hi Coco688, we're kind of in the same situation. Eloping in Savannah but staying at the Forsyth Park Inn. Have you found a photographer and hair and make up artist yet? Didn't think scouting for these 2 professional servicers would be tough. 
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