Whats with the lack of eastern montana wedding venues?

Hey is anyone else sick of the lack of affordale beautiful wedding venues in eastern montana?i have a degree in buisness and have yet to launch a career. I own some land between Mile City and Billings. I was thinking of landscapeing it and turning it into a outdoor wedding venue
big enough to accomidate large groups yet cheap enough a small town bride could afford the services. Right now im just doing  research to see if there is enough of a  market for a wedding venue/ planner in eastern montana.

Re: Whats with the lack of eastern montana wedding venues?

  • That would be a Godsend to me right now.. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  All these fires!  Our outdoor place burned up.
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  • Have you looked at Chancey's Event Center outside of Billings?  It's where we're booked for next fall.  Nice outdoor space, resonable price, can hold a large capacity.  

    But I agree there are very few options out our way.
  • Yes, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yes i agree! I too have a business degree and have been looking into opening some kind of wedding venue in eastern montana! we should chat, I have some great ideas but I am looking to see if the market is there too!
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