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24 Hour Fitness?

Does anyone have a membershup to the 24 hour fitness at the Ward Parkway mall? I just recently got one and plan to go sometime today. I've never been on a saturday before so I was curious if there was a time on saturdays when it's not quite as busy.
Also, has anyone taken any of the classes? I'm really excited to take zumba, but are any of the other classes a great fun way to exercise?

Re: 24 Hour Fitness?

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    I am there a lot!  Zumba is a lot of fun.  Usually Saturday and Sunday mornings aren't too busy.  The other class I really like is 24 S.E.T., it's fast paced and you feel really silly at first, but you catch on quickly!  It's a great cardio workout.  Are you thinking about doing any training sessions?
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    No, I don't think im going to do training...just sticking it out by myself and i've read some books to figure out the right moves for me. I am really excited to take the zumba class this summer when im done with classes and the S.E.T class sounds really interesting! So is it doing a lot of free weights? cardio moves like jumping jacks? crunches and sit ups?
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    It does use free weights, and the step for cardio.  I believe it is 2 minutes cardio, 2 minutes weights, and 2 minutes abs.  Maybe 3 minutes each, either way it keeps you moving!  I'm hoping to get to Zumba more after my classes are over too.  Where are you taking classes? What for? 
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    oh that sounds like a fantastic class!!! hmmm maybe i'll try it out too!!!
    I take classes at KU Edwards Campus. I'm persuing a masters of marketing communications and have classes every wednesday and thursday night so it cuts back on what I can do. What are you taking?
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    I am getting my elementary education certification at UCM.  The 24 S.E.T. class is Tues/Thur at 6:30, make sure you get there about 15 minutes early, it fills up fast!
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    Thanks for the tip!!! Iy sounds like a blast! I can't wait to try it out!

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