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Is This Crazy???

So since we are now Post-Wedding and we are starting to focus on other things I know for some of us it maybe babies or other people having babies etc. Have you thought about starting to buy gender neutral stuff or little things here and there to give as gifts or to hold for yourself? I think it would be a good idea but don't want to look crazy lol.

I was just thinking like whne you see something cute on sale. I know about 5 pregnant women right now and it got me thinking. Plus H and I are wanting to start sooner rather than later. Is this honestly crazy????

Re: Is This Crazy???

  • hmmm....a little bit! lol

    I guess if H and I were planning on kids right away I'd maybe feel differently, but I'm a little superstitious, so I probably wouldn't buy anything baby related for myself until after I was pregnant.

    As for buying gifts for people, I'd probably hold off on that too, just because most people register for stuff and I'd rather get them something they'd pick out rather than a "gender neutral" outfit.
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  • I bought a onsie on our HM that said 'Aruba' on the offchance we conceived there we didn't. I felt a little cracra doing it, honestly. Besides you guys and my husband, I haven't told anyone. :
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    If you're jumping in to trying to conceive, why not? We're going to wait a couple of years, but I've definitely had moments from time to time where I've seen something cute and thought - hmm, maybe....but I haven't bought anything. I'm focusing on being newly married at the moment but if you're on to the "next step" do what seems right and makes you happy - even if others might perceive it as a little crazy. 

    This reminds me of the scene in Eat Pray Love where the boss of Julia Roberts pulls out a box under her bed of all the stuff she bought as treasures for her now child before she'd even thought about conceiving. Julia has a similar box, but it's full of travel stuff. Again, do what seems right and makes you happy!
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  • My theory on buying things before hand is this. Will you be upset to look at it if it takes a long time to conceive? If you wont, or if it is something you can put away where you dont have to look at it. I dont see why not.
    I already purchased 24 cloth diapers, and havent even had my first appointment with my widwife to confirm pregnancy. But they were crazy on sale, and I figured I dont have to look at them if something goes wrong.
    We may also be buying a glider this week. I saw one on sale for $70 off regular price. So cant really beat that.
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  • I wouldn't start buying baby items until I knew I was for sure pregnant, and maybe even after the first trimester...
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  • In Response to Re: Is This Crazy???:
    [QUOTE]I wouldn't start buying baby items until I knew I was for sure pregnant, and maybe even after the first trimester...
    Posted by mandi921vh[/QUOTE]

    Totally agree here....but I'm in no hurry to have a baby, maybe even ever!
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  • I'm not gonna lie - I think this is a little crazy, but I'm also not even thinking about a baby now.  I definitely don't want one for a looooooooong time.
  • Yes, This is crazy!  You're not alone by any means in thinking this way. With DD I only bought gender neutral things ( other than clothes) and I did not purchase anything until I was 25 weeks in. Wait until you`re KU to buy things like that.

    In the mean time you can plan. Use pinterest and build boards of baby stuff you like. Buy some pregnacy books and magazines to read.  You can start preping your body, if you haven't already, start a work out plan you can keep up with, and taking your prenatals. You can also work on cutting out any bad habits you may have. ( if you have any.) 

    It should keep you pretty busy. You know besides the getting busy. lol

  • I bought a onesie that DH knows nothing about that says "I love my Daddy."  It was so cute and I can imagine giving that to him when we find out we are pregnant.  I am kind of a creeper in the baby aisles at Target and online but haven't bought anything because I feel like it will make me sad if it takes awhile to conceive (the above post does a great job talking about this).  I have bought things for friends before they were registered but it was usually little things that I would later add to a gift from their registry.  I really like the ida mentioned above about creating interest boards on Pinterest, etc.  We have put trying on hold for a couple of months but I know the excitement of wanting to go out and buy baby stuff.
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