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Unhappy with photos

It's been a year since my husband and I were married and I simply cannot get over the fact that I am dissatisfied with our pictures. Any suggestions? Is it weird to have a post-wedding photo shoot a year later?...Am I just a psycho who can't let it go?!!

Re: Unhappy with photos

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    It's not - one family I know does good portraits every year (similar to engagement - shoot). If you don't like them, analyze why you don't like them, and then go get some you do like.
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    I saw beautiful pictures of a couple who had a one year photo shoot.  She wore her dress and he was in a more casual pant suit.  I don't think it is strange at all.  I'm a photography freak so I am all for having pictures taken, as many as possible :)
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    The photographer I chose for our wedding offers a "Rock the Frock" session for couples to be photographed in their attire again after their wedding. He suggested it could be days, months, or years later. So go for it!!

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    A friend did a one year anniversary session with their photographer at a local mansion/park, and along the Hudson River. She wore a beautiful shite dress, and he wore nice pants and a button shirt. Really nice!

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    AHHHHH. Totally do it!

    When the heck will you ever wear something as fabulous again?!

    No stress, no time crunch....just the two of you and your new beginning. No brainer. Do it!

    Let us know how it goes....


    They are my total favorite sessions - soooo laid back and fun. You'll have a ball.
    You got the ring. You have the man. Life is good. Now what? Document it. The crazy, the fun, and the happy moments that make up your lives. Check out my work, or give me a call and well gossip about all of your fun details for the "BIG" day! Thanks so much for considering, Stacey www.showandtellphotography.com www.showandtellphotography.blogspot.com
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    Check out my photographer:
    She'll do a post wedding shoot (you can get all dressed up in your gown/tux, get make up and hair done etc.) you can go all over the city if you want, or try to recreate shots in your same locations from a year ago!
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    THANKS!!! for the feedback! :)
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    A thing you can do is have this company in the DC area retouch your pictures with digital editing. The company is called R Pro Photography (www.rprophoto.com). They can take your existing photos and do wonders with them and their prices is very very affordable and you can walk away with pictures that you'll love. 
  • PeacefieldPeacefield member
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    My parents hate their wedding album.  And not because the photographer did a bad job, it's just the style of photography that was common at the time but looks kind of gimmicky now. 

    I'm an avid amateur photographer so have taken many very nice portraits of them that they delight in.  I guess the point is that, though they still don't like their album, they don't let it eat them up.
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    What about an anniversary shoot? You could get all done up again and have a "Bridal" type shoot at the location where you were first married, just a year later. 
  • GeauxTigers17GeauxTigers17 member
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    I don't think it's weird at all unless you try to "do over" things like cutting the cake. My fiance and I are getting married in my hometown, but we are going to take my dress to his hometown, St. Louis, to take pictures there after the wedding in "fun" places. Not really "trash the dress" but more "unusual pictures in the dress."
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