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AHR Question?

Did you ladies send out STDs for your AHR? I know many of you just sent it out with your regular STDs. So then my question would be, should I send out STDs just for my AHR?

If you remember, it's just FI and I getting married and then we'll come home to the reception.

But, I'm not sure if I should do STDs for it...but I'm thinking I should...because if we have a caterer, I'd probably be sending out an invitation to find out how many people.

Also, how soon after your wedding did you schedule your AHR?
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Re: AHR Question?

  • I'll be sending out invites for the AHR and asking them to RSVP as we're using a caterer.  Our AHR is 2 weeks after week get back...but I think you can do it whenever you and your FI would like.  I don't feel as if there is a right or a wrong with planning your AHR.  Hope this helps!

  • We did not send out STD's for the AHR's.  The AHR information was in our Wedding Website, so everyone who recevied an STD knew when all the wedding related events were.

    We had our California AHR three weeks after we returned and our Minnesota AHR 5 weeks from then.

    Had a blast!



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  • We also didn't send out STD's for the AHR. We did send invitations with RSVP's though.
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  • I am not sending a save the date and ours in a month after we get home.
  • We just sent out invites for the AHR with RSVPs, and info to our website...Only FI, me and our parents are coming/invited to the wedding....
  • I would send out the STD for your AHR since your wedding is just the two of you.

    We only invited immediate family to our wedding, so for the AHR, we sent STDs and then formal invites (not as formal as our wedding invites, but pretty formal, with a RSVP card).  I think I wanted to make sure that people realized how important the AHR was to me, even though we didn't invite them to the actual wedding.  We also needed to have a head count, which is why we included the RSVP card.  Our AHR was 6 weeks after our wedding - in part due to scheduling since we had to wait until my nieces and nephews were out of school and it was warm enough in CT!
  • I'm not sending STD's for our AHR. (I don't think anyway!) I will just send a traditional invite with a RSVP card a couple months before the actual event.

    And we're thinking May 21, 2011 for our AHR. A good 5 months after our wedding! But we live in Minnesota and we have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit!
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  • I just sent out STDs for the AHR.  There is only going to be 8 other people in attendance for the actual ceremony, but I invited over 200 to the AHR.  I sent out the STDs about 6 months in advance, and the invitations out 3 months in advance.
  • Same as suzannepdc and ceilidhsaunders. We have a smaller group coming to the ceremony in Costa Rica and about 225 invited to the AHR. So we sent out STDs for both.

    Our AHR is 6 weeks after the wedding.

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  • We did a STD evite WAY in advance.  I wanted everyone to make sure they got it on their calendars.  We plan on sending out formal invites w/ rsvp phone & emails.  We're doing a cocktail reception so it's not that big of a deal if we don't get an accurate number, but I do have space limitations so I definately have a "B" List that will get invited if alot of people RSVP no.

    We're having our AHR 2 weeks after returning from Mexico.  I'll be sending out the invitations 6 weeks before that.
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