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North Carolina


Im new to posting on here but i have been stalking for a while lol... i need advice how soon is too soon to start planning? We're not getting married until March 2013, but we started looking at venues now and i fell in love with the first one. but is it too soon to book anything?  help please!!!

Re: newbie!!

  • It's NEVER too soon to book anything!  I starting planning my wedding 15 months in advance.  I did reception space, church, photographer, and videographer all before the 1 year mark; followed by hotel blocks, registry, baker, DJ, and dress.  Don't feel like you are behind though, I'm not working at the moment so I can plan full time and I'm probably a little ahead of the game.

    Happy planning!
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  • I wouldn't book a venue until you have your guest list sorted out.  You don't want to book your "dream" venue that holds 100 people, max.  Then realize you want to invite 200. 

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    [QUOTE]I wouldn't book a venue until you have your guest list sorted out.  You don't want to book your "dream" venue that holds 100 people, max.  Then realize you want to invite 200. 
    Posted by pirategal03[/QUOTE]

    All of this!

    I'd first start by getting a budget in mind as well as a guest list.
    However, with that said, if you already know all of this information, some venues (pending on location) do book up early, so I'd still keep an eye out.

    I would suggest finding a place that will fit all of your guest, plus a few more in case you forgot someone or you get extra plus 1's.

    There's nothing wrong with gathering ideas at this point though and start piecing things together.

    I planned our wedding in 5 months, so don't feel rushed. You've got plenty of time :)

    Good luck and welcome to the boards!! :)
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  • I had 16 months to plan and booked the church and reception venue first (after I knew a rough guest count and budget), then caterer and photographer before 1 year.  If you don't think you'll change your mind, I'd say go for it!  But some things like cake, invitations, flowers, others that you might change your mind on, you don't need to book for a while still.  Good luck!
  • thanks everyone you all have been very helpfulSmile
  • I am getting married 10-12-13 and got engaged in 8-2011. That's a 2 year and 2 months long engagement!

    So far I have not booked anything. I have gone to several places and picked the one I love the most (even though it is smaller than I'd like). I will be booking this at the 1.5 year mark. Here in AVL October is so busy for weddings. Often a year out is too late to book for those weekends.

    I have picked out my dress and am looking for a used one online and at consignment shops.

    I have bought some little DIY things at 50%-70% off with coupons and sales. Doing this over the two years will likely save me a ton of money.

    Otherwise, I am going to the wedding festivals and reading the magazines getting more ideas for when it's time to start putting money down!

    Good luck!
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