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Golden Gardens?

My FI and I fell in love with Golden Gardens Park in Seattle and we would like to have our ceremony and reception here. Does anyone have any experience going to a wedding or having a wedding at this place? 

Re: Golden Gardens?

  • I went to a wedding at Golden Gardens last September, and it was a really gorgeous venue.  From what I understand, you aren't supposed to have the ceremony on the beach (random rule) but the couple who got married broke the rule and had a quick ceremony on the beach, so it's totally doable if the weather is right.  The only not-so-good thing is that there was a loud train going by while the ceremony was taking place, so no one was able to hear their vows.  The reception space was nice, not huge by any means, but very good for a medium sized guest list.  Another random rule is that you can't bring alcohol outside of the building, but I don't think that is completely out of line since it is a public park.
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  • I've been to about three weddings at Golden Gardens and it's just a really lovely location.  The bathhouse is nice and easily transforms to your particular decorating needs.  The price is quite affordable for such a beautiful view (so pretty at sunset, you just can't beat it).  Call them right away as I know they book up super fast!
  • FI and I went by and looked at Golden Gardens. I agree, its beautiful and definitely on our list of possible venues. Just not sure about the space as it seems to small for our guest list right now.
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    I'm getting married there this June, but I've never been to a wedding there. We will be having our ceremony on the Golden Gardens Meadow, because like the previous person said, you can't have your ceremony on the beach. We will have our reception in the GG Bathhouse, which is not large but the website says it can fit 140 people sitting and 295 standing (I imagine that'd be a packed room). We invited 95 people, but I'm sure less will come, so the place will be fine for us.

    If the weather is bad we're going to have both the ceremony and reception in the bathhouse, which people do during the cooler months, I think. I can get back to you with pics after our June 9th wedding I guess :D Not sure when you plan on getting married.

    But it definitely is a pretty place, and I'm excited for the pictures :D

    Also, if you don't know this already and are interested, the GG Bathhouse is open to the public Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm and Fridays 8:00-10am.
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