The Dream Team of vendors

I just have to post this because I'm entirely too lucky in who I chose for my vendors, they're off the wall fantastic. 

Kristine of Simply Charming Socials
She's been in the biz for a while but just joined forces with the amazingly talented Danielle Copeland and together they created Simply Charming Socials.  Kristine has kept us on track since day 1, checks in constantly, monitors all of our progress, talks me off ledges, and even keeps my fiance focused on his own to-do list.  I don't know where I'd be without her... probably sitting in a pile of ribbon completely clueless about what to do!  Book this one right away!

Ashley Pepitone of Ashley Pepitone Event and Editorial Styling
Ashley has a great eye for unique design elements, and what's more, she implements them for you!  Everytime I send her a picture of something I like, she's off like a flash to the craft store to make it for me.  This girl knows is crazy creative and so sweet.  There's nothing too complicated for her, and a challenge is what drives her.  She took a free online wedding invitation template and custom designed a new invite for me.  She's just amazing.

Ashley and Jon Bruschi of Fixed Focal Photography
I have nothing but admiration for these two.  They are a fantastic duo, Jon snapping away while Ashley keeps you laughing and having fun.  They took our engagement shoot idea and brought it to life, really capturing us at our best.  They are one of the first vendors we booked because I just had to have them.  I'm in LOVE.

Venue and Caterer
Michelle Klub of King Plow Arts Center and Bold American Catering
Michelle has truly been more than I could have asked for.  She's uber knowledgable about her company, and you can tell that lady loves what she does.  She's got an answer for everything, a solution to every problem, and (my favorite part) a mind for making decisions!  She has guided us quickly and easily through our menu options, helped us determine how to set up the room, and where and when we need to be in each place day of, just to name a few things.  King Plow is an incredible venue, but it's people like Michelle who make booking there a true delight.

Now if only I could find a florist....

Re: The Dream Team of vendors

  • That's great! I agree with asking your planner about a florist.
  • I am using Jon and Ashley as well! I can't wait to work with them; their work is amazing!
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    [QUOTE]I am using Jon and Ashley as well! I can't wait to work with them; their work is amazing!
    Posted by amonis[/QUOTE]

    Amonis, is your profile pic done by them?  So cute!

    They really are AMAZING!!!! For anyone who still needs a photog, check them out.  I can't imagine a better duo. 
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  • Try Boukates! Amazing work, exceptional quality of flowers and will really work with you on your vision. I pretty much decided to go with them but wanted to meet first, and the moment I met Katie (owner) I knew I had made the right choice. Her knowledge and range of ideas was very comforting and her attitude that the bride gets what the bride wants was great for me (I am a very hands on bride!). She's been published in Occasions magazine and comes recommended on wedding wire, so that put me at ease too. Hope this helps and happy hunting! Oh- and her website I think is, if not, google it. Good luck!
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