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Horrible Officiant! Rev. Joseph Lee in Colorado

I would like EVERYONE to know that my fiance and I are very displeased with the level of service (or the lack there of) that Rev. Lee provided in returning our calls and emails after we met with him and told him that we wanted him to preside over our wedding. His actions have been VERY unprofessional and just wrong. He just called us yesterday to tell us that he booked another wedding on the same day as ours!! Now we only have 2 weeks until our wedding and are scrambling to find an officiant. DO NOT book him to marry you. His fees are cheap, and now we know why. You get what you pay for. BE WARNED!!

Re: Horrible Officiant! Rev. Joseph Lee in Colorado

  • Sorry that you're having to scramble at the last minute!  If this helps, my daughter used Rev. Kent Robertson for her wedding in 2009.  A very nice man.
  • Unfortunitly when we met with you 3 months ago we told you several times by email, on the phone and in person that there is a "save the date" fee. It clearly states on the website that you pay that if you would like us to "save the date". The total fees are due 30 days before. After telling you so many times and not hearing back from you for over a month after meeting with you (yes you wrote an email saying you wanted his services, but lots of people do that aren't serious) and after several calls from other couples that wanted that same date we had to make a decision. Please tell me if there are any other vendors out there that just let you pay whenever you would like? And you don't have to pay a deposit to? I would love to find those ones. I'm sorry you thought you had us booked but we didn't want to do your wedding service for free and find out that day that you weren't planning on paying us. And yes Rev. Kent Robertson has a "save the date" fee also.
  • An outsider's opinion here - if someone is "penciled in", i.e., inquired about a specific date and then someone else has money in hand to secure that same date, I think it would be prudent to inform the "penciled in" client that, "Bride, someone is wanting the date you inquired about, what are your plans?"  Just going that little extra step would alleviate any miscommunication or misunderstanding.  Wedding planning is stressful enough, sometimes one has to be led through the process.
  • We asked them several times if they wanted the date and told them several times it would be a $50 deposit. They didn't seem interested in doing that after us going out of our way to contact them and constantly telling them. Its a Saturaday in the middle of July every bride should know there will be lots of couples getting married that day. I am sorry that's how it happened, if it was for a date in the middle of December then it probably would have worked out fine. Some people just feel that they are entitled to everything they want and think everyone should just stop and drop everything they are doing for them, if anything I think this could be a great life lesson for him if he chooses to make it that way, or he will probably just keep blaming everyone else for not just doing what he says just because he said it.
    Sorry to be so blunt but nobody can change for the better if everyone keeps letting them go around thinking they are right. All the couples that do choose Rev. Joseph know he does everything he can to make thier day perfect, if they don't choose him he assumes they have choosen someone else that fits the couple better. I'm sure all of this happened for the best and they found the person that fits them and can tell their story in a different way than Rev. Joseph can.
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