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Texas-San Antonio

Honeymooning in San Antonio July 30-Aug 5th 2012- Need help.

Hello Ladies,

I'm a lurker on my month board. I'm getting married July 29th. I am hoping you all can help me out.

FI and I finally (stress that finally) decided on a location for our honeymoon. We are going to San Antonio Texas. I saw it featured on foodtv with Rachael Ray's vacations and I found it an original destination. No one up here in New England would ever think to go to Texas, nor a city for a honeymoon. The trend up here is islands mostly.

So we have a small plan of what we want to do and plan to stay in a hotel on the River Walk. Walking around, trying places to eat, checking out/window shopping. Very basic plans.

We are also going to Sea World and going behind the scenes (yup paying a little extra to get up close and personal. I haven't been since I was a kid and that was in FL.)

So what I need from you.... What would you recommend for interesting things to do? Interesting from romantic to goofy. Also, please recommend places to eat. We loved BBQ food and a mission we have is to get a killer BBQ place.  (Please note- we do not require upscale. We do find the best places are the hole-in-the-walls that only locals know about.)

We are also debating renting a car and driving over to Corpus Christi for a day; also not sure what is over there to do. I just want to be at the ocean for a day.

So any ideas/help would be beyond appreciated. :) Many many Thank yous for your help!


Re: Honeymooning in San Antonio July 30-Aug 5th 2012- Need help.

  • As far as BBQ is concerned, Rudy's is good and they have locations all over SA. Also, if you are willing to drive a little bit for BBQ, there is a town about an hour and a half (give or take fifteen minutes) northeast of SA that has awesome BBQ. It's called Lockhart and they have a lot of places to choose from. If you like waterparks, Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels is awesome. NB is about 30-45 north of the Riverwalk. I would suggest going during the week (it's less crowded). As far as CC is concerned, the Texas State Aquarium is pretty neat. And there is the USS Lexington as well. If you like fishing, they have deep sea fishing charters. Drink lots and lots of water. Texas heat in July/August can be brutal. And sunscreen is key as well. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. :-)
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  • YAY for coming down to our city for your honeymoon! It is a great place to visit. You should do some of the normal touristy stuff like visit the Alamo and take some pictures there, then venture off to Market Square (walking distance from the Alamo/Riverwalk) and indudgle in some pure tex-i-can culture. Don't forget to stop at Mi Terra's (open 24hrs) in Market Square for late night noshing or dinner/lunch they are famous around her. I have to concur with the Rudy's BBQ, its heaven and you can grab some sauce to go as a souviner.  If I were going to eat downtown, I recommend Budros on the Riverwalk. Lots of place will try and lure you in, but there food is pretty bad. I would read reviews on urbanspoon to get the nitty gritty.
    I do recommend going to 1st Friday in "South town", which is about a mile south of downtown. I believe you will be here that first friday of August, stop by Rosarios for some Tex-Mex, (fish tacos are to die for) or across the street at Mad Hatters for sandwhiches and light meals. First friday is a monthly art festival where people walk up and down that area and view local art, its really unique to SA and it is romantic.

    Also in the downtown area is a place called the guenther house, its really great for breakfast or lunch. It is home to pioneer, an old school flour mill right along the SA river. I have so much to say to you that would help your experience here.

    If you want to venture up north, we have a beautiful outdoor mall called La Cantera that is very nice and there are several restaruants to eat at, one in particular that is my favorite is Perry's, but it's pricy.

    I am a foodie if you cannot tell, you can PM if you want me to dish on some hole in the walls, SA has SO SO SO many great places to eat and be enterained... guess thats why we made the list of "fat" cities :)

    I also recommend going up to fredricksburg, SO ROMANTIC! grab a B&B and a wine tour... fabulous!
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    Hey, congrats on your up-coming wedding and honeymoon!
    Some things I recommend are:

    rent a car. period.  even if you are not going to go to Corpus you need a car to get anywhere.  Driving and parking are not hard in San Antone.

    without question, i would do what texasgurly13 says and go to New Braunfels and TUBE down the river.  it is hours of pure bliss.  cold water, sunshine, scenery and fun!   you can rent everything you need (except bathing suits, river shoes and sun screen)
    more info and pics here:

    Get up early (it is extrememly hot that time of year here) and go to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. 
    a gorgeous site right in the middle of the city.

    as jlalley notes, you WILL be here for First Friday which is not to be missed.  On the evening of the first Friday of the month go to the Blue Star Arts complex:
    there will be lots of art to see and beers to be had.

    About Corpus:
    If you must go then you must, but if it were me I would save the time, gas and personal energy and get your out door water fix in the rivers... New Braunfels or even San Marcos. 
    I find the ocean water down there is just disgusting... DISGUSTING. it is brown, dirty, oily and it stinks. it is the ocean.... it is sorta nice but it is not what you might be expecting.  the rivers here though are simply gorgeous with sparkling cold spring water and beautiful surroundings... not very far from your hotel in S. A.
     just mho

    I hope you two have a wonderful time and PM me if you have any questions or need more help.  I'm not a foodie so I don't really have advice on that but I DO like to swim and get a tan!  Tongue Out
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  • Thank you all for your suggestions. I finally booked everything.

    FI and I are going to skip Corpus Christi (Thank you for the truth on the ocean. I would tend to be extreamly disappointed. Up here our water can be murkey brown green. The images are always deceiving. lol) and do the Alamo, some of those lovely food suggestions and I'm going to drag him to the art stuff. I painted back in highschool. 

  • A really good bbq place is texas pride (I am thinking about using them for my catering). Guy from food network even visited them. You can check out thier event schedule and see if they will be having any concerts or anything. http://www.texaspridebbq.net/

     Mexican/ Tex- mex: I have heard great things about Cha Cha's http://www.cha-chas.com/ and also I absolutely love Chuy's http://www.chuys.com/
     If you are willing to drive, Sammy's in La Vernia is amazing mexican food, I grew up on their food lol. 
    If you look on food network, they have a couple of excellent local resturants. I have never been to them personally but I have heard that they are good. 

    The comal river in new braunfels of course and/or schlitterbauhn. 

    Botanical garden and japense tea garden (http://www.sanantonio.gov/parksandrec/directory_japanese.aspx) are pretty places. McNay art museum (http://www.mcnayart.org/), institute of texan cultures (http://www.texancultures.com/), and witte musuem (http://www.wittemuseum.org/) are good/ interesting places to visit if you are into that kind of stuff. 

    If you want to go to the coast, I would recomment Port Aranasas/ Mustang Island (3 hr drive) or South Padre (5 hr drive). The water isn't "pretty"  but its definately nicer than C.C. I do suggest the Aquarium (http://www.texasstateaquarium.org/) and Lexington (http://www.usslexington.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1&Itemid=345) as already mentioned. You can go see those then drive 30 mins to Port Aransas. 

    There are some caverns not far outside of S.A. The Natural Bridge cavern and safari is one of them. http://www.wildliferanchtexas.com/
    Last year I went to cascade caverns http://www.cascadecaverns.com/ which was pretty neat. 

    You said goofy so... I know they have a locations around the country but Dave and Busters(http://www.daveandbusters.com/) is super fun aracade and drink place. Green acres (http://greenacresgolfandgames.com/) has a variety of little fun things. 

    This website http://www.visitsanantonio.com/visitors/save/index.aspx has coupons for local tourtisty things that might interest you too. 

    Feel free to pm me. 

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