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Is April Wedding Season?

Im in the early stages of wedding planning but after considering that we want to avoid snow, heat, holidays, and bdays, we decided on either early April or early October. I would prefer April but I was wondering, is April considered "Wedding Season" as far as pricing goes?

Re: Is April Wedding Season?

  • It depends on the venue.  My venue considers April the off-season but a few that we looked at considered it wedding season.  April, and definitely October are becoming more popular wedding months.  The other thing to think about is Easter.  If your wedding happens to fall on Easter weekend, some vendors (like florists) will have higher prices.

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  • Usually no May really starts it.  But each venue might view things differently.  I know some who will give discounts for Jan through March.  It pays to do your research and know your budget.  Maybe price the months out and see which one will give you more of what you want?  
  • I've looked at more places than I can count and April is definitely not "in-season" for weddings.  The pricing is incomparably cheaper, which is fabulous!!  May-October is prime wedding season, with the Fall months being the most expensive.
  • It depends on where in the country you live.  In Texas, April is definitely in season,
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    I guess it depends on where you are geographically located-as far as the weather.  Take into consideration that even though it may not be snowing--the snow may be old and dirty or slushy...more apt to splash.  If there is no snow in your area in October, I would go with that.

    Since I am concerned about costs, I find in PA that reception venues, caterers and flowers are cheaper in April, than June, July, and August.  If you were in New England, the autumn may be the more expensive months.   Do you already have your heart set on a particular color or flower? Consider the availability of the flowers you've chosen and the venue.

    Frankly, when you two decide when you want to do it, ITS WEDDING SEASON!!!Wink

    Personally, I'm getting married on my mother's birthday...4/14, a Saturday.  We were gonna do it on that Sunday because its always cheaper on Sunday, but we wanted to give people time to rest before going back to work...WE'RE GONNA HAVE A LOT OF FUN!!!

    This is my second marriage and its interracial--he loves the cold--I love it hot!  So right there we had some issues about when we should have it...we agreed on not having a winter wedding right off the bat...which surprised me, but we avoid all the major holidays and our previous wedding anniversaries. 

    Try this checklist I came up with, when considering a date:

    1. Major prices (venue, flowers, caterer and photographer) that are usually set in stone.
    2. Convenience (do you have people flying in? are they gonna be stuck in the     airport because of the snow? Are you in a major football town? Reservations may be a hassle.)
    3. Your monthly (trying to be tactfulEmbarassed)
    4.  Honeymoon destination. (What kind of weather will be happening there? If you are gonna honeymoon in the Carribean or Florida...stay away from hurricane season (October)...April would be better.)

    These are the considerations I found to be most important when trying to settle on a date.

    I wish you all the best...let me know what you decide!

    Congrats! girlie...

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  • Yea..it depends on the venues.  April is a good time I think because flowers are starting to bloom.  We're getting married April 6th which is good friday.  You probably want to be mindful of the day of the week also.  I find that Fridays and Sundays are cheaper.  We're getting married in the evening which will allow people time to get off work and attend our event.  It also allow family and friends to still enjoy their Easter weekend.  Be mindful if you both want your wedding indoors or outdoors....April is the month of rain.  


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