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Affordable! St Aug Rehearsal Dinner

My fiance and I are planning on getting married in April of 2013 in St. Augustine. His parents will be hosting the rehearsdal dinner; however they have a very limited budget. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a great place for a rehearsal dinner that is affordable (about $30 per person). We may be having our wedding at The White Room, so OC White's is an option. Just wondering what else is out there? 


Re: Affordable! St Aug Rehearsal Dinner

  • Hey JZWpretty...Our rehearsal dinner is at the Conch House...laid back and very different from the White Room. Very affordable and they have different rooms to choose from. You can bring in your own dessert too!

  • We haven't completely decided, but we are leaning towards The Columbia. I honestly don't know about the pricing, but OC White's and the Columbia are the only ones we have looked at so far. Someone recommended The Tasting Room to us, so FI and I went to eat dinner there one night. It was great food, but quite expensive and a very small space (at least for our numbers). I don't know it's price for a rehearsal dinner, but our two meals, 2 desserts, and a glass of wine was pretty expensive, so I assume a RD would be too. Sorry I'm not much help...
  • The Reef is beautiful and beachy.  Not sure how pricey for RD though.  Also a more relaxed atmosphere you could try to check out Cap's.
  • its our actual reception location but, we are having ours at the Raintree. its one of the nicest places in town and they actually have a group menu that you can let your guests pick from filet, fish, or slow roasted pork comes with salad  rolls and creme brulee dessert for everyone and the parking is super easy (which downtown is unusal but since its a little further north there is a big parking lot)
  • Everyone's suggestions are really good - the columbia isn't super cheap. I have only had a drink at OC whites so i can't comment on the prices. The reef also can be pretty pricey. We're going with the raintree restaurant... they have a certain menu for large groups you can pick and choose from with how much you want to spend (starting at $20) and an upstairs room you can have to yourself. We're getting married across the street so we liked it initially bc we just have to walk across the street after the rehearsal!  http://www.raintreerestaurant.com/group.php
  • I just noticed someone mention Harry's - I don't know how big your group is... our was like 45 and they upfront said they couldn't handle a big group like that on a Friday. We're doing an informal dinner there the Thursday (guests pay for themselves, all are welcome) then we're hosting our own haunted pub tour (wej ust went on one ourselves and steal the stories vs paying someone to take us around!)
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