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North Carolina

engagement photos

We haven't done engagement photos yet.

We were engaged last August, but because of some life stuff (moving, new job, etc.) we didn't get heavy into wedding planning until around November.  We booked our photographer in December.  At that time we talked about doing engagement photos in the Spring because we want to do them outdoors and want it to be warm enough that we don't look like we're dressed as an eskimo couple.  But now I'm back and forth about doing them at all.  I love other people's engagement photos.  But the more I think about it e-pics 7 months after the engagement and 6 months before the wedding seems...silly.


Re: engagement photos

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    We were engaged for well over a year (closer to like 3 years) when we did our engagement photos. I think it's fine to get them done regardless of how long you've been engaged.
  • Muffins!Muffins! member
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    I say go for it. It would be silly to get E-pics only if you weren't engaged. You'll be happy you did!
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    Lol, we took ours 10 months before the wedding...& 7 years after we got engaged.

    No, it's not silly. If you want cute e-pics, take them whenever you want. Don't get me wrong, I love our wedding pictures, but it's great to have some lovely pro pics of us in casual clothes - looking more like our everday selves - as well.

  • krispychikinkrispychikin member
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    if the same photographer who is doing your wedding would do your e-pics then I would definitely do them - it gives you a good chance to get to know your photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera before teh big day!
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    if you have the extra money or can bundle it into your wedding package then i would say 100% get them done!!
    i love ours and like pp said, it is nice to have some normal regular pics of FI and I, they are alot of fun too!!! we had a blast doing ours
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    No m'aam, not silly!! We had our e-pics done 5 months before our wedding.
  • pirategal03pirategal03 member
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    Our photog is one of my good friends from college.  She just happens to be a pro wedding photographer too.  We picked her because we're comfortable with her, and because we love her work.

    The e-pics are part of the package, but she'd change it up for me if we wanted to do something else instead, more books or something later.

    I'm really leaning towards doing the photos this spring, I just didn't know if the timing made it seem awkward.
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    PS - We have like, 3 of our e-pics blown up (one is a black and white 24x36 from my bridal shower, my bridesmaids did that one, the other is like, 20x16, also black and white) and hanging in our house. I am so glad we did them.
  • swimher14swimher14 member
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    We had ours done 5 months before our wedding. We used some of them at the reception and we have a bunch in our house. It's really nice to have nice pictures of you in more casual clothes.
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    We had ours done only like 2 months before our wedding...we procrastinated and then it kept getting rained out!  But like someone else said, I'm really happy to have some nice, casual photos of us together.  I like our wedding photos but we have more of the epics around our house.
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    We are doing the same thing. We got engaged March 09, wedding July 10.  We haven't gotten our epics done yet either, same reason waiting for spring to get here!!  I agree with the thought of having pro pics done that aren't from the wedding day.
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    I have always seen engagement pictures done anytime throughout the engagement. I would never think twice about when the couple chose to get them done. I say go for it! I always like looking at other people's engagement pictures-- as others have mentioned, they are more casual and you can have a lot of fun with them! :)
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    Do them!! It was so fun, and I feel like we'll be so much more comfortable in front of the camera at our wedding now because we've had some practice. We're going to buy several large canvases of ours to hang in our house and we're making a "photo guestbook" out of them for guests to sign at the wedding. 
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