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New Hampshire


Hi everyone -

We've been brewing & making wine for awhile so we decided to do that for the wedding too...it should save us a lot of money and be more "us" anyway. My question is about other types of drinks...we're having a pretty small wedding (max 90 people) and not a lot of drinkers (at least not many people who tend to drink a lot). 

My FI and I don't do mixed drinks often because we just drink our own stuff so any suggestions about what might be more "typical" or expected at a wedding reception would be great. Non-alcoholic options are also appreciated.


Re: Homebrew?

  • edited December 2011
    I've read on a lot of websites that it's becoming common to do a signature cocktail. Are you having a staffed bar or a DIY deal? If you plan to brew your own beer and wine you should be all set for alcoholic beverages (very cool idea btw!). Maybe you could make your wine into a summer sangria? For the non-alcoholic options you could try a sweet tea or a lemonade option; or the best of both worlds and make an Arnold Palmer!
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