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Picture locations around Lancaster,ny pleasee!

Hi , I do not officially have everything picked out yet buy im in the process of really finding places I love.Lancaster Elks Lodge stands out for me (I had many funeral brunches there lately). So I still have yet to go there and check out the ballroom, I think I was in their other two rooms b4 though. We were thinking about having our cerenony there first then go for pictures then to the reception? Any ideas of where to go for pictures? I heard como park is runned down now, I finally checked out westwood park out but there really wasnt much scenery to take pic, and imnot sure how the opera house thing whould work? Please any HELP APPRECIATED! P.S.Im trying to keep everything as close as possible to eachother.

Re: Picture locations around Lancaster,ny pleasee!

  • tessablythetessablythe member
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    I guess it depends what you are looking for.

    I would like to reiterate that Como Park as some really nice spots but they are kind of "aged" which could actually be a nice contrast. You could do some cute things with the playground parts of the park and use the lighthouse/waterfall part for more serious or formal photos. Westwood is pretty flat. You won't get a lot of scenery there.

    Call the Opera house and make sure they are available on your dates if you are thinking about doing them there since they may have a matinee or there might be a fee involved. Do want modern photos? Traditional photos? Are you using a photographer? They may have ideas too.
  • cmm4evercmm4ever member
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    Im not sure exactly what I want, just somewhere nearby the ceremony/reception site. Also of course I just want nice photos nothing in particular, not sure who im using for a photographer (my fiances brother got married in september and they used someone not professional professional to take their pics and I think  it cost like a $100 she just gave them a cd but they printed them/made changes to them themselves. The thing is there already talking divorce not sure why they got married so im not sure for a photographer 100% just cant afford anything expensive. Thanks
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    My first marriage was in Lancaster thirteen years ago. We took pictures at the Historical Society which was nice because it was a rainy cold day and we had shelter. We pre-arrange to be there. We got nice pictures inside and out.

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    You could also check out Glen Falls. Alot of people get there pictures done here and it is gorgeous.
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