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11/2010- Diagnosed with PCOS

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  • emarston1emarston1
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    "That's a great suggestion mom, have you tried the bean dip?"

    Divert her attention or stop speaking to her about wedding related things.  Anytime she starts giving her opinion on something you don't want, bring up another (safe) subject.

    Also, are you speaking to her in a way that is eliciting opinions or is she just dropping these on you without any prompts? 

    My guess is that these come from a loving place and she's just excited for you to be getting married.  After the excitement dies down, she may calm down as well.  But you were also right when you said that they were paying so they get a say.  If you ultimately don't want her to have a say, you need to pay for the wedding yourself (or at least not accept money from them.)
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    My mom did show some momzilla qualities during my planning process. They too were paying for most of the wedding. BUT, I would say try to reason with her. A little heart to heart never hurt! I would start by saying I really appreciate her input, but I have some ideas of my own. Hopefully she'll get the hint and back off a little.

    If that doesn't work... I'd make BFF with dad and get him to do something about it! haha

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  • Julz629Julz629
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    My advice is to relax.  You have only been engaged a week and a half and it sounds like you are very excited, and so is your mom. 

    10 months of planning is plenty of time so you don't really need to hit the ground running.  First, you just need to take care of the big stuff like the venues, photographer, DJ, and those vendors.  The details can wait until 4-6 months out.

    Your mom is paying so you definitely have to take her ideas into consideration.  Hopefully your mom will also be respectful of the fact that this is you and your FI's wedding.

    But really...just breathe.  It will be OK.  And CONGRATS!!

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    I can complete relate to your story... I have been planning for over a year now, and my mom loves to give her opinions in certain areas. My parents are paying for the reception hall and food, plus my dress and accessories. I have allowed my mom to voice her opinion, and I tell her "thanks for the input mom, I will think about it".

    My advice is to ask your dad for help. When I first got engaged, my mom got me upset on a few different issues, and my dad told me to just come to him first! It has helped in certain situations... good luck... you will get through it!!!

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