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Wedding Color Help!!

I'm really getting into planning now, and still can't decide on "colors".  I'm colorless, really.  I love the shade of blue that I've chosen for my bridesmaids (it's like a muted tiffany blue) but I'm not sure what kind of color to put in the flowers.  I've thought of just white hydrangeas, to keep it simple and classic (which is the look I'm going for).

It's a fall wedding, and I liked the idea of blues/browns to stear clear of the tradtitional brown/red/orange pallet.  But, I'm not sure I want to add color to the flowers, b/c I want to keep the reception black & white with the formal atmosphere of The Westin Fountain Room.

Any thoughts on a second color, or is the blue bridesmaids dresses enough?

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Re: Wedding Color Help!!

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    That sounds good to me!  I think people can go overboard with the color thing.  Blue, white, and black sounds like a lovely combination.

    I've been to two weddings that used all white flowers and it looked beautiful.
  • emmmbeeeemmmbeee member
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    I love the blue, black, and white color combo!  Very classy.

    And I don't think you need to add anything to the flowers unless you just want to throw a little greenery in there.  I'm doing all white peonies for my bouquet and my centerpiece arrangements and all white baby's breath bouquets for my bridesmaids so I may be a bit biased : )
  • BMBrinsonBMBrinson member
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    I'm kinda doing the same thing....My wedding is going to be in the fall and I chose black and white with little hints of red to make things pop a little. I did'nt want the typical fall colors either!
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  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    I second your choice with the subtle hues of white and maybe some antique green in your BMs' bouquets.  That would be a very elegant palette.  "Colorless" doesn't have to mean tasteless and imo a muted looks very sophisticated.

    Here are some examples I pulled up:

    If you wanted to add some boldness, I would choose a darker blue or an indigo.  You're not introducing an entirely new color, you're adding dimension and layering the look using blues in the same monochrome.  Something like this bouquet may look gorgeous in your centerpieces:
    [source: Lisa Dawn Photography]

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  • kmorgan28kmorgan28 member
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    These are great tips, thanks so much!
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