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Hi everyone!  I'm Courtney, I used to post on here in 2009.  I was engaged and then basically eloped and moved to Washington.  I kinda just disappeared (sorry about that).  I see that some of the same people still post!  At the time that I got married, I swore that I would still have a wedding/vow renewal, but it didn't happen as soon as I would have liked.  Now, almost 2 years later, I am quickly planning my "wedding", which will be on June 17th back in Cali.  I'm really excited but I know I'm gonna be super stressed, with such little time and planning long distance.  Anyways, hi!

Re: Into/ Re-Intro

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    Hi sweetpea! I totally remember you! Things around here have SLOWED WAY down! I'm glad you are back and are doing well!

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    I rememebr you from back then.  I am not even sure who is still here anymore.  I kinda faded out but check once every few months.

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