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I can't believe I just found this board today!!! :) I will be checking this out everyday!

Anyone else feel that the ceremony music is the hardest part? I was given a list of music that can be used for the Prelude, Processional, Recessional, etc. and I don't even know where to start (especially for Prelude). Any advice?

Thanks in advance!!!!

Re: Music

  • Welcome!  There is a sticky at the top of the page that links to a website with lots of helpful info, including music used by some of the brides.

    My advice would be to get a list of what is acceptable (my parish had a CD of some of the most popular songs played at weddings) and listen to it.  I Youtubed a lot of organ solos while I was planning.  Then pick music that will enhance your ceremony!  FWIW, my music was (all on organ except for Communion):

    Bridesmaids: Largo from The Four Seasons
    Bride: Water Music -- "Alla Hornpipe" (some churches only allow one processional song, so check on this)
    Preparation of gifts/Communion: "O God Beyond All Praising"
    Recessional: "Tuba Tune in D" by Lang



  • Welcome! We look forward to having you join us!

    If you got a list, you're off to a great start, because that give you a fixed set of options. Like Prof, I spent a lot of time on YouTube listening to things and trying to get a good idea of what I liked. My H did the same thing, independently, and then we talked about it together.

    I woudl suggest going through the list and coming up with some first-level thoughts. Is there one song you love? One that you hate? A few that fall into the like/can live without category? I would just narrow my choices until I found a set that fit together and seemed to work with the flow of the mass (themes of the readings, your spirituality as a couple, etc.).

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  • Welcome, fellow Minnesotan :-)  Another helpful tool is the hymnal that your parish uses if they'd let you borrow one for selecting other music in the Mass like the Gloria, Psalm, Alleluia, etc.  We took one home for a bit and looked through the options, sounded them out and talked through what we wanted to use for each of the selections.  Also keep in mind what musical instruments are at your parish for accompaniment (organ, piano), who will be cantoring the Mass (does the parish have one already?  would they let you have a friend sing?) and if there are any additional musicians that you'd like to bring in (string quartet, harpist, etc).  Chances are the wedding coordinator or music director at your church can help you with this!
  • The hymnal publishers' sites also have resources, including suggestions of hymns by topic (try: love, unity, etc) and liturgy along with MP3 clips of many of their selections.  You may not be limited to the hymnal your parish uses.  With the help of my my friends who served as pianist and choir director, I was able to mix and match and just purchase one-time copies of the music for my instrumentalists and choir.  (We were married at a campus chapel rather than a parish, which definitely provided more flexibility.)  Links to the two most popular publishers:

    For Worship or Gather hymnals:

    For Breaking Bread or Spirit & Song:

    Best wishes!
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  • You guys are helpful :) Thanks!
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