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Removing the Garter

Has anyone heard of the groom removing the bride's garter with his teeth? My family always has the groom use his hands, but my friends and fiance's family is saying it's teeth. Any thoughts?

Re: Removing the Garter

  • I've seen both.  The teeth makes me uncomfortable, Like I'm watching something private.  We just aren't doing the garter.
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    Yes, I have seen the groom remove the garter with his teeth. I have also seen the groom blindfolded with the brides grandmother standing in for her, unbeknownst to him. He sure was surprised when they took the blindfold off.

    It's okay to say no to the garter routine, if you are uncomfortable with it.
  • We're going with both tosses, but I seriously doubt my groom will getting anything with his teeth. He's too shy. :)
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  • I really don't think there needs to be this much thought put into how the groom removes the garter.  He'll do it however he wants.

    Guests may egg him on to remove it with his teeth because it's more sexual and embarrassing for the bride.

  • yep. i've seen it both ways... and I find all of it rather disturbing. we will not be doing this.

    Do what you're comfortable with.
  • I've seen both- and it's just too much. We're skipping that- it's something too private.
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  • We're doing both tosses, but we have already agreed nothing skeezy for the removal. I will make sure it is right above my knee and we are keeping it clean.  I'd be mortified if FI had his head under my dress or using his teeth. Just not my style.
  • I've seen both and I've also seen a mix of both. I saw one wedding where the groom took it down to the brides knee with his hands and used his teeth for the rest. I think its up to you two.
  • I don't think you'll have the choice.  The groom will take it off the way he pleases unless he caves into peer pressure (if any) to use his teeth.
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  • Blah blah... teeth.  It's funny... and oh my, a thigh, God forbid.  He'll prolly use his teeth.  Neither one of us really have a shy bone... 
    He'll use his teeth, if he can find the garter with all the crinolines etc that I'm wearing.

    He's also getting and giving cake smashing up the nose most likely.  Hey, life of the party.
  • Personally, I'm not a big fan of the teeth thing- i think it's a little creepy. And it could end up like my brother's wedding, where my sister-in-law wasn't wearing panties and he went up her skirt and realized it while he was down there.... nobody else knew until later, but he was REALLY embarrassed. 

    For my wedding, we're doing something silly with the garter toss b/c my fiance REALLY wants to. He's going to go down to do the garter toss and pull out a giant pair of panties (probably leopard print) with his best man's name on the back! I'm a good sport about it b/c, quite honestly, i think the garter toss is stupid anyway. So I'm cool with anything that will make it fun. 

    But he will not, however, be using his teeth.... lol. 
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  • I remember at a friend's wedding that my brother removed the MOH's garter with his teeth. Her boyfriend was none too pleased and I didn't recall the tradition. Personally, no we are not doing this. It would be against our beliefs to lift my dress in front of family and friends...besides he needs a little something for later that night! LOL!
  • We decided that we are not doing a garter toss.  No reason we just don't feel inclined to do it.  I am going to throw th bouquet though. There is a winding staircase at our venue so it will be a great photo op.
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  • I love the idea of the large panties! You got me thinking about other silly ideas the make it fun!
  • I have seen it done both ways, I personally dont find anything wrong with teeth (assuming the older family isnt present) but then again I am a very sex-positive person and fail to see the problem with expressing sexuality, now wether or not that is appropriate at a wedding (reception) Thats debatable... but at any rate.. FI can remove my garter any way he is comfortable lol.

    My $0.02
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    [QUOTE]<strong>I don't think you'll have the choice.</strong>  The groom will take it off the way he pleases unless he caves into peer pressure (if any) to use his teeth.
    Posted by clearheavens[/QUOTE]

    That's disturbing. Neither of us care for the garter removal and toss, but I'd damn well have the choice as to how he does it. And if he did the teeth thing anyway, there would be words later.

    I have seen both, I don't know if either one is more "traditional" than the other though.
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