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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Meals during the week at Wedding Event Home

Hello All!!!

So we are getting married at an event home in OBX in May 2013.  Our rental is a Sunday-Sunday and the wedding is on Wednesday.  We need advice on what to do for food/meals on the other days. 

Is it our responsibility to provide food for every day?  We are going to have about 40 guests total during the week so want to make sure we are doing our part.  We are splitting the cost of the rental equal ways with all the guests so one idea we had was to add on an additonal cost per person and apply that to food that we purchase for everyone. I just don't think it would be smart to have everyone "fend" for themselves everyday.

I would LOVE advise on what others have done! Please Please help!!!!

Thank you! :)

Re: Meals during the week at Wedding Event Home

  • Our families have decided we since we are paying for the food for the wedding, that each couple will take a dinner for the week, and lunch everyone is on there own of course everyone will pitch in to buy food for the house as well
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  • If it's feasible, do your grocery shopping away from OBX - prices are severely inflated. It's like a tourist tax. My fiance and I are staying at our event home the week before our wedding and our family will come down just before the event itself so we'll be on our own for meals. We'll eat out occasionally but cook too. We're going to do our grocery shopping at home (we're from Norfolk, VA) and then carry it in coolers to the house in OBX.
  • We are only supplying meals for our guests for a welcome dinner and the reception. Most of our guests will only be in town three nights, so they'll be dining out. For those of us who are staying in the house, we are throwing in money to shop for food for the week and then taking turns making dinner ... each couple is in charge of a night.
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  • Only our families were at the event home, but each family took turns cooking dinner on each night, and all famillies chipped in for food.  We had some friends there as well too, who all wanted to give money towards food, but none of our parents would let them.  It actually worked out perfectly.  For lunch we had sandwiches every day (just easier). Then the night before the rehearsal dinner was leftover night.   
  • We're in the same position-about 50 people staying in an event home with us all week with our wedding on Thursday (btw where are you getting married?)

    So far, a couple family members have offered to take a night and make dinner for everyone else, which was soo nice.  Then I think we're just planning on doing a Mexican night with tacos and nachos, nothing too fancy or expensive, and we'll just pay for that.  Before family offered to cook, we were just thinking of some inexpensive dinners that could easily be made for a large crowd (spaghetti and meatballs, tacos and nachos...).  I think family members are planning on doing lasagna (make at home, freeze, transport, and bake at the house) and gumbo, which can all just be thrown in some crock-pots and cooked all day.

    I think there are only 1 or 2 nights that we don't have a dinner planned, between the rehearsal, reception, and people offering to cook, and that's fine with me.  People can always go out to eat or throw something on one of the grills.
  • Thank you all for the responses!  Ashley--- we are staying at "The Dream" in the 4x4 area.  What you had in mind is exactly what we were talking baout.. I LOVE the idea of making the lasagnas ahead of time, freezing, then transporting... I love that.  And the crock pot idea.  I think if I just plan out each night with some idea of a dinner, it might make me less stressed about it!!

    Thanks again!  Feel free to keep the suggestions coming! :)
  • My H and I stayed in our own house for the week of the wedding and we cooked for ourselves or either went to one of our families houses for dinner.  At our parents homes, everyone chipped in for groceries and took turns cooking meals.  No different than splitting the cost of the rental house.  Since you are flying in to Norfolk, purchasing coolers and groceries may be a little trickier for you.  I would recommend shopping at Harris Teeter  in Duck for the best selection on groceries. 

    Heads up--most of the meats like steak, chicken, etc. are wiped out on Sat and Sun afternoons b/c everyone checks in and runs straight to the grocery stores, so don't be discouraged if there isn't much left in the meat dept.  To get the best selection, go first thing in the morning for meats but go ahead and get your other groceries the day you get there.


  • Thank you for the grocery store suggestion!!

    All guests except me and my fiance are actually driving in, so they can bring groceries~!  I was thinking of adding a flat fee to everyone's per cost share of the house for food, but I didn't know if that was "tacky".... it's a fine line to walk when you're asking for money from people to go to your wedding! :)
  • One thing to consider is that there is a possibility that you'll have TONS of leftovers from rehearsal and/or reception, so don't buy for after the wedding until you're sure you know what you need!
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