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Buffalo- Maureen's Wholesale Flowers

Hey Brides!

Has anyone heard anything or have a review (positive or negative) about Maureen's Wholesale Flowers located on Ellicott St?


Re: Buffalo- Maureen's Wholesale Flowers

  • shugameganshugamegan member
    edited December 2011
    I've been there once. It's a small place but, the couple of people I talked to were helpful and were able to answer my questions. I'm thinking of purchasing my flowers for my bridal bouquet from them.

    I have heard mixed reviews about them though.
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  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    edited December 2011
    i've heard nothing but good things, and it seems like a LOT of people use her.
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    I've also have heard nothing but good things.
  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
    edited December 2011
    I'm using Maureen's for all of my flowers!  I met with her for our first consultation and she was very helpful and knowledgable.  She was able to help me find exactly what I wanted, while offering helpful suggestions. 
    They are VERY busy (they are probably the busiest florist in Buffalo), but I have called several times to make changes to my order and they have been great.  I had my final appt. last week and everything went perfect.  My wedding is 8/6, so I'll write a review after that!  So far, I have nothing bad to say... Most importantly, I got more flowers than I expected for waaaay under my budget!
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    I'm also using Maureen's - super happy with my meeting with her, and thought she was extremely reasonable.  I've used her for many family events and professional events, and she's been great.  She decorates all of the private clubs in Buffalo during the holidays and the flowers are always fabulous. 
  • cmgefertcmgefert member
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks everyone! My fiance and I got an estimate for flowers at a different shop for $2500! Which is way past what we wanted to spend! I just recently learned that she was a florist not just selling wholesale so I was curious about her services.

    MrsPawlak2B.. I appreciate you writing back to tell me how the flowers were for your wedding!
  • Aquarian342Aquarian342 member
    edited December 2011
    So I have spoken to several people who have used/are using her as their florist for their wedding.  They have all had positive things to say about Maureen's.

    Maybe my budget just wasn't to her liking, or I said something to upset her, or she could have just been having a bad day, but I had a less than desirable experience with her.  I have no doubt she prob does great work considering how busy she is.  Still, I was on time for my appt (came by myself which was prob a mistake) but she made me wait 20 minutes because she was already behind (everyone else there was very nice however).  Then once I sat down with her she was very pushy with what I should get, did not ask my budget, and basically insulted my desire to have a small bouquet by showing me a picture of a larger one than I desired stating "well this is VERY modest".  I did not feel comfortable speaking my opinion, and I came out of there with a budget summary including just a bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 corsages, and 3 bouttoniers, and some fancy fireplace floral piece totaling $1200.

    Maureen came across as in a hurry, stressed, a know-it-all, and acted like she could care less whether my small wedding booked with her or not because she said she has somewhere around 50 weddings every weekend from what I remember.

    Needless to say, I ended up going with Flowers by Johnny on Delaware Avenue.  I got about the same amount of items, much more confident that my choices were what I really wanted, including 12 modest centerpieces (no fireplace piece) for around $750.
  • edited December 2011
    I would agree with the pp.  I called Maureen's to set up an appt with her, and after just talking to whoever answered the phone made me change my mind.  I choose to go with a local florist, who I am positive she quoted me lower than what Maureen's would have.  This can be taken with a grain of salt, but I went to a wedding a few weeks before mine with the same color scheme, and I much preferred my flowers to Maureen's. 
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