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Studio Inn or Gardens at Malmaison

Does anybody have any experience with the Studio Inn or Gardens at Malmaison?
Any info would be great.
Sweetpea Loves Sweetiepie

Re: Studio Inn or Gardens at Malmaison

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    We're having our wedding there on June 16th, 2012. We're having our ceremony at the Studio Inn and our reception at the Gardens of Malmaison. We went to both places for a tour and fell in love. We had already looked at several other places, but when we went to the Studio Inn and the Gardens of Malmaison we just knew it was the right place. Everything is so beautiful. All you have to do is call and say you want to take a tour and they'll schedule you in. It's turning out to be pretty pricey with food and everything, but it's worth it because of how beautiful and unique the location is. Go check it out!
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    Thanks for your response :) I was about to give up.

    Are they are the same location or seperate places?

    What is the capacity?

    Have they been easy and nice to work with?

    Where is your ceremony taking place at the Studio? I really don't want to have my ceremony overlooking the golf course, and I thought that was the only option.

    Is it prettier in person? Its pretty in pictures but I feel like it is hard to get a feel for it with the video.

    Any and all other suggestions or information would be great. Thanks :)
    Sweetpea Loves Sweetiepie
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    They're separate locations, but right by each other. The tour they take you on includes both places. The capacity is around 170. They have been ok to work with at best. Like I said it's getting pretty pricey, but seriously pictures don't do it justice. I didn't think it was going to be our venue until we went there are saw it. Plus their website has no pictures at all, I had to search on different photographers websites for pictures to show people. I would just go check it out if i were you. The tour is only supposed to take 45 min, we were there longer, but that's because I'm very particular. They'll send you info if you ask them to.
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    Congrats!   How was everything on 6/16?  We're getting married there on 9/10.  I'm really excited and love the venue.  What did you end up serving and using for lights/centerpieces, etc.?

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    Thank you! It's actually June 16th, 2012. So you will be there before me!!! I know the tent has some up lighting already in it, but not a lot. You will definitely need more. I'm not exactly sure what lighting we'll be adding though. I hope everything works well for you there! Let me know so I know what to expect!
  • Hope you both had a wonderful wedding and that you're enjoying married life! Do you by chance know of any places to look for pictures online of Studio Inn/gardens? I am having an incredibly hard time. Thanks!
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