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Vancouver Ceremony location?

Hi ladies, my fiance and I are planning a destination wedding/honeymoon in Vancouver, BC.  We live in Atlanta, GA USA and recently received BC tourism magazines to get really great ideas.  We've been looking for the perfect location....preferably a resort or hotel located on the beach or waterfront and one that offers a wedding package.  We'd prefer to marry on the beach or waterfront.  We also plan on staying, along with our guests, at this resort/hotel during that weekend.  Does anyone have suggestions on a location?  I sincerely appreciate your help! 

Re: Vancouver Ceremony location?

  • This is an international board, so you may not get much help. There may be a Vancouver board or Canada board that could help with this much more than we could.
  • Good luck with your preparations!
    We are honeymooning in Vancouver. We are getting married out east in NB.
    We've both never been so I can't make recommendations but if you look up tripadvisory.ca, they have real people reviewing certain hotels/locations/restaurants and making recommendations.
    Have fun! When's your wedding?
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