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New Jersey


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVED Hamilton Park & am going to book my reception there :)  Kate was so nice and I had that feeling during the tour that it was the place!!!

Re: Gymchick05

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    So excited for you and so excited to another person to get married there too! BTW the food at the tasting was awesome- I was literally too full to eat for like 2 days haha. what date are you looking at?

    And i love Kate- she was one of the main reasons we booked. Love organized people!!!
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    Thanks!!!  My wedding date is 10/9/11.  When is yours?  I love organized people too!!  It was like talking to a friend then a sales person.  I hope it's nice for pics on the patio, but also heard the Mansion at FDU is nice to go to also.  Glad to hear the tasting was great....can't wait for when I can go :)
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    Our date is 6/11/11 - I have heard that you cant take photos at FDU if another wedding is going on there, do you know anything about that? Right now we are planning photos at the arboredum in Morristown, but Id love to do the FDU Mansion. Do you have any contact info for them to know if you can take photos there? Are you having your ceremony there? We are having ours at a church and just reception there
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    I really don't know anything about the FDU Mansion...but if I can find out who to call over there to ask, I think it'd be nice to take pics there.  Where is the Arboredum in Morristown?  My ceremony is in my church w/ just reception there also.
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    The arobredum is  about 10min away at most on East Hanover Ave. http://www.arboretumfriends.org/

    I have heard it is $100 per half hour to get a permit for pics there
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    It looks pretty, but that's another thing to pay $$ for.....hopefully, the mansion doesn't charge :) 
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    Ok found out some info on the Mansion - unfortunetly my date is on hold because they may be scheduling some big event that day on campus, but you can call on yours. Here is the contact info: 973-443-8921 Contact: Eileen Regis
    She said there is no fee, just a form to fill out and they need a certificate of insurance from your photographer. :)
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    Thank you SO MUCH!!!  You are awesome!!  I hope they have their event another day so you can take pics there!!   Next on my list is to find a Photographer & DJ....do you have any recommendations?  Thanks again!!
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