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Open Letter Tuesday

Vent it out here :)
OMH est. May 7, 2011
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Re: Open Letter Tuesday

  • Dear self,
    Next time you want to go for a 4 mile run, DO NOT eat unless it is an hour or more before... you obviously can't limit how much you eat, and thus result in super bad side aches. Not fun. We need to prepare for Warrior Dash on Saturday and side aches aren't in the plan. 

    K, thanks.
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  • Oh Ashley - I'm doing the CMY5K in August and the Sunset Drum Run, 10k in September. Have you done either? I give you LOTS of credit for doing Warrior Dash - not sure I'd be able to hang for that one!
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  • Haha actually Warrior Dash is my first run EVER. I am not sure what I was thinking when I signed up, but training for it has gotten me pumped, and I will also be doing the Dawn of the Dead Dash in October, and hoping for the Jingle Bell half in December. 

    I did look at the Sunset Drum Run. Have you ever done a race before?
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  • I did a half in April 2008, so it was definitely a while ago. It was in ID and 8 miles up-hill, 5 downhill.
    I have been slacking with running and finally am getting back into it. I'm stressing about the 5k since I was sick and this is the first week I've been back at the gym. I figure I can wing it, and hope for the best. HAHA.

    I REEEAAALLLYYYY want to do the Hot Chocolate 15k in March. I'm definitely going to aim for that. Mostly for the hoodie - it's so cute! Plus, who doesn't love a fondant party after?!
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  • Googling Hot Chocolate 15k right now!! That sounds like so much fun!!
    When in August is your run? MY MOH was planning to run Warrior Dash with me all the way up until 2 weeks ago, so I hadn't really trained much thinking her and I were going ot put in some hard running sessions. Turns out she is no where near as competitive, athletic or motivated as I am so she just had no interest in running. I am fine with that, but I feel bad that she paid out $76 to NOT run WD with me. 

    I definitely think I will be ready for a 15k in March, so I need to see what that one is all about!!
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  • The CMY5K is 8/12 - the pictures make it look like it's so much fun

    That sucks that your MOH is going to miss out. I'm a big time procrastinator, so I get it. I love how I feel after I run, it's just doing it!

    I plan to train well/consistently and aim for a good time for the 15k. Hopefully! :)
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