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Wedding cake- what does your cake look like,

Can I see what your cake looks like ?? How much did you pay?? Is it true that the going price for wedding cake is about $10-$15 per slice.

Re: Wedding cake- what does your cake look like,

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    Prices depends on lots of factors, mainly size, design, fondant/buttercream, and your location.  A cake from NYC or LA will cost a lot more than a cake from Montana, KWIM?

    Here's a pic of what my cake will look like.  It will have blue instead of green, and plumeria instead of poppies.  Mine is $3/slice and $50 for my sugar flowers.

  • I don't have a picture, but our cake will be 3 round tiers of equal, low height. Like the height of a normal sheet cake like for a birthday party, instead of the double-height that's usual for wedding cakes. Our inspiration is a celebrity wedding in Town & Country Weddings magazine (One of very few things in which the bridal magazines have been helpful.) It'll be plain marzipan with a blue stripe on each layer. This was a good combination of unique (because of the short layers) and traditional (3 round layers) for us.

    Here's one of very few websites we've found that posts prices online. They won't be our baker, because they won't do the blue (which requires artificial food coloring). If you do the math, it works out to about what you'd pay for a slice of such cake in a bakery cafe, so, from $3 to maybe $7:
  • My cake was three layers with a faux layer on the bottom (4 in total).  It was covered in white chocolate buttercream and fresh flowers.  The cake was a gift to us from the cake baker that's ben baking DH family cakes since he was 1 year old.  MIL said this cake (which could feed about 120 people) would have cost us about $800; so about $6-7 per slice.

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  • Our cake is $369.00.

    It is a 4 layer buttercream cake with lots of piping and fondant 3D scrolls that pop off the cake.

    I believe our cake will feed about 86 people.

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  • Our cake was actually a gift from my awesome MOH (my sister).  The going rate for cakes in NYC are, on average, $10/slice (it could be as low as $7 or as high as $22).  I believe my sister paid $11/slice.

  • My cake was around $3.50/slice I think before extra decoration and delivery.  We ordered wayyy too much and had a ton left over.  But it was beautiful.  (If you watch the Next Great Baker, my cake was done by Chad Fitzgerald).

    The highest I have ever seen in Dallas is around $9/slice--and that's by Bronwen Weber, the woman who is always on all the cake shows on Food Network.
  • Our actual cake.  We alternated chocolate cake with strawberry jam and champage cake with raspberry ganache.   We paid $5 per slice and served 120
  • I don't have a picture of ours but would like either white or red velvet cake and definately have cream cheese frosting.

  • Our cake was fairly plain, but delicious. It had white buttercream frosting, and I took the baker some edible pearls I purchased at a local cake & candy store to put on it (it matched my dress fabric). It was yellow cake with passion fruit mousse between the layers and cost $130, served 100. Got the topper initials with rhinestones at Hobby Lobby.

  • This is our cake with the exception of the 2nd tier; that will be removed and replaced with columns which will house something like a feather fascinator to go with our retro 1920s theme. The rest is pretty accurate...

    Oh and it's $4.50 per slice per guest because we are alternating flavors. If it was one flavor it would have been $3.50 per slice.
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    I think ours was about $3/slice. It was buttercream icing. 
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  • In the area I'm looking at, cake prices vaey between $2.50 a slice and over $20.

    The baker I'm leaning towards will be about $3.50 a slice including simple decorations and delivery, plus $50 if we get sugar flowers instead of real ones.
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    Ours is about $5.25/slice, for 3 tiers in 2 different flavors, 2 types of filling, decoration and fondant.  Our baker has been on a couple of Food Network cake battle type shows too - she always lost, but that's ok, we love her cake!!
    design looks like this but with champagne colored fondant
  • All of these cakes look delicious. I have been looking around for a good deal on cakes, and the lowest price I have found was around $3/per slice. Of course when you add extra designs or certain flavors of cake all of that can change.
  • Our's was an absolutely amazing price!! We got it for under $300 total for 200 people.  We had so much left over but we got our picture and idea from The Knot and we created our own unique style. Our cake baker did such an amazing job!! If you are in the western suburbs of the Twin Cities, contact Carrie at ButterCream Creations (http://www.buttercreamcreations.com). Totally worth it! She is amazing!

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    I had a trio of three desserts; three different flavors of french macarons, a vanilla sponge cake with fresh whipped creams and berries, and chocolate filled profitteroles.  All this put me out was 365$ for 60 guests, however my husband and I made all the profitteroles and macarons.  I worked at the bakeshop so we really got to personalize our desserts!

  • Our cake is going to be three smaller cakes on their own stands. Two of them will feed 90 people and one we get to keep for our one year anniversary...It's going to be pretty plain white whipped cream frosting smooth with a ribbon at the bottom of each cake...we will put our own cake topper on one and maybe flowers or a decoration on the other two...Two of the cakes are vanilla cake with raspberry filling and one is choc fudge cake with strawberry cream filling. I think it will be delicious and beautiful even though simple. I can't wait to see it! It cost us $205 so it was $2/slice and then taxes of course...
  • We are having red velvet cheesecake from the cheesecake factory.
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