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Anyone still hunting down guests for RSVPS?!

I am sooo annoyed!!!! I have verbally received yes's and no's and meal choices from majority of the 15 people that we did not have our RSVP cards for on our due date of March 8th. We are now waiting for 5 people. It would be nice to have the actually cards though for when we do our seating chart this weekend! I am frustrated. Two of the people are on FIs side. He is going to call on of them, and he said the other one probably will not respond and consider her a no. Two of the ladies (plus her husband) we are waiting to hear from work with my mom and supposedly had them yesterday and forgot to hand them to my mom, but how easy is it to throw the darn thing in the mail. I put a darn stamp on it for you! Smh!

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RSVP Deadline: March 8
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Re: Anyone still hunting down guests for RSVPS?!

  • I hear you!  So annyoing.

    I am waiting on 37 people.  RSVP deadline is Saturday.  I HIGHLY doubt I am going to get all of the RSVPs back by then.  (sigh)
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  • I have had quite a few people tell me they are coming and will put their card in the mail but I have yet to receive them. It is hard to remember if someone gave me a verbal response or not. Our due date was yesterday, so by Thursday we will starting the hunting process.
  • I am waiting on 19 people myself. Yesterday FI and I reached out to people on Facebook. Everyone I messaged got back to me by 7:00 this morning, which made me super happy! Many said they had mailed back their RSVPs but we never got them. I'm assuming either they didn't or they got misplaced by the post office. Neither surprise me. Only one person my FI messaged got back to him, so hopefully more will get back to him today. If not we're sicing my FMIL on them (they're her family and she knows how to get what she wants out of them). I just have to make one phone call out to friends of the family and that's it for my side!
  • We're still waiting on a bunch and the due date is this Sunday. FI and I are already not looking forward to the massive amount of calls we'll be making come monday. Oy...
  • I was  just talking with FI about this this morning. I told him, it's his friends and family that haven't really responded yet. So i told him to get ready to be making some phone calls. I'm hoping the majority come in over the next couple of weeks.

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  • It is so annoying! Why is it so hard to slip it in the mail?? We are waiting on 50 out of 65 our deadline is tomorrow..
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  • Still waiting on a couple, but our deadline was 2 weeks ago.  We got many after the deadline - and they were verbal responses,  no RSVP card from about 1/4 of the guests,
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  • I believe I'm waiting on about 50 more cards but we have verbal responses from a few of those.  They have a week and a half to go.  One friend told me he moved about 2 days after the invites went out and just checked at his old place and his wasn't there and it wasn't forwarded to him so I have to get another one ready to go out tonight. 

    Some of FI's family is questionable.  One aunt has a conference the day before, the other aunt might be having knee surgery.  We were banking on one of these two aunts bringing his 93 year old grandmother down with them but neither one of them sound like good options anymore.  Poor FI is going to be so upset if his grandmother doesn't get an escort.  He's even said that he would fly all the way up there to get her on a plane and escort her back. 

    I really hope it doesn't come down to that.  FILs will have a pretty full car but I'm sure they can manage a seat for her at least.
  • We gave the 23rd as the deadline, so we still have a lot of time. But we still have over half of our guests to hear from! And some - like really close friends and family - still haven't sent anything to us or even made mention of the wedding, even though they talk to us about other things. I'm really trying to NOT start asking people until at least next week. But I'm getting anxious! We've had at least one verbal (well, wedding website verbal) YES but no RSVP...and apparently that person is kinda unreliable, so we'll have to actually call them on the phone or go through the trusted family grapevine to confirm.

    I'll probably be the one super freaking out next weekend :-D
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  • I will be right there with you, Maba :-)  Yay for March 23rd RSVP dates!
  • Our deadline was this past Friday and I think I had to call about 12 families.  Most said no, some I had to leave a voice mail with.  It went something like this.  "Hi, this is Lisa.  I haven't yet received your RSVP card for the wedding, and it's past the deadline. We need to turn in our FINAL head count first thing Monday morning, so if I don't hear from you by then, I will put you down as a "no" and you can just use the stamp from your RSVP card to pay a bill or whatever." 

    Yeah, it was rude but I have a REALLY low tolerance for disrespectful people and they've had over a month to stick the thing in the mail.  I mean, come on...... all they had to do was write a single check mark and mail it.  If they're too lazy to do that, they deserve to hear about it - especially in my family where everyone is so quick to point out (for decades upon decades) everyone else's faux pas.  Boo-ya!  Taste of your own medicine, hope you enjoy it.
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  • I'm dreading having to hunt down people.  What makes me most mad is my friends that have recently gotten married that haven't replied.  They should know better!!

    Chigirl2013 - I love your message!  I might copy that :)
  • We've gotten 38 out of 72 back so far and our deadline is April 6th so there's still a little over 3 weeks left to get responses back. They're now trickling in one every other day or so... so time will tell how many people we need to track down. 
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  • Our rsvp date is the 25th and we have a little less than half to go. We did mad lib rsvps and what gets me is that everyone has said they've done them already, so how hard can it be to just stick it in the mail? 
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  • What annoys me the most is that we know FH's sister and family will be attending, but is it still so hard to mail in the RSVP card. She says she feels that she shouldn't have to mail it in since we know already. I feel like saying, there is a stamp on it that I spent money on, please USE it. Our RSVP date is the 15th. My bet is she still won't send it in.  Sigh!
  • My deadline isn't till April 5th but we got 5 in the mail yesterday!  Some people have told me theirs are in the mail too.  I am really curious about the plus one situation, we invited a lot of single friends but they know one another so I am curious how many will bring guests.
  • I did the madlibs too. My deadline is March 26th. I regret sending them all to FI's house instead of mine. I made him promise not to read them until I get there. We have at least 10 of 113 back.
  • My cut off was the 10th. But thanks to the post office who have seemed to lost at least 3 that I know of since they were close family that had mailed back that I never got .
  • I'm counting myself Lucky! Our deadline was Saturday and we are currently missing 8 of 48. I'll be contacting the people tomorrow all but one are people I expected not to come..so we shall see!!!
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