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Christina's Foxboro

I got a phone call last night that indcated that my ceremony and reception venue was going out of business next weekend. Has anyone run into this issue? I am obviously concerned but i don't even know if this is true. I'm stressed to the max about this.

Re: Christina's Foxboro

  • I would be going down there in person if I was you ASAP.  Call first and ask to make sure there is a manager present that you can speak to.  Was it someone from the venue that called you?  When is your wedding?

  • Thank you for responding. I did get to speak to someone at the venue and as far as i know at this time, their lease is not being renewed by the building owner. I was told that the building owner is going to start running functions there, but that was basically all the details i could get right now. Im still waiting to hear about the whereabouts of my first 2 deposits and what is happening with that. Any updates would be appreciated!!
  • I just heard this news today, it is crazy.  I heard  that owner is not renewing lease and people runnng it now got an evication notice.  But I didn't hear what was happening with the buidling, but I did hear.  I hope everything works out for you, the first thing I thought of was all the poor brides.
  • I just saw this on the news. it seems like they are still going to have functions there. they said you can get your money back but you have to request it by this week. good luck and I hope everything works out.
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  • Hasn't this happened there before?  That space seems to have new people in every 5 years or so.  Made me nervous to even look there!
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    Wow, I went and looked there a few weeks ago!  So sorry you have to deal with this stress.  Good luck!

    Looks like a few venues are offering to step in and help at reduced rates.

  • Our wedding is August 11th and we never got a phone call, I found out from a friend. We have been down there everyday last week and no one is giving us any answers and there was no time frame for refunds. I'm not sure if I trust the new landlord to take over my wedding, I feel like something bad has already happened it just leaves more room for something else.
  • My wedding is currently booked at Christina's for April 2013. I read the article in the Sun Chronicle and immediately called and spoke with GM Julie. She said she was being told that all contracts would be honored but she would have more info on July 1st when the new owner took over. I called and left vm and emailed her and Janet yesterday and received a response that neither are with Christina's due to an ugly transition. I received a call today from Michael at the "new Christina's". He said they would honor the contracts already booked and the chefs/restaurant staff would stay the same. I asked about cancelling and getting my deposit back and he said the old owners have the deposits and I will have to go after them for it. The new Christina's will give "some kind of credit" for the deposit if I stay there. I plan to go after my deposit, regardless of where my reception ends up being. Any advice? Good luck to all the Christina's Brides, no matter what you decide to do. Keep us posted!
  • We have run into a HUGE problem with getting our money back! We spoke to Michael and he said our wedding date is still on but since we've put down $7,500, they will only credit us $2,500. My fiance is going down to the Wrentahm courthouse tomorrow morning to see what we can do about getting our money back and what's going on with case in court. I'll post tomorrow when we find out from the courthouse.
  • The old owners of Christinas told the judge yesterday in court that they had no money to give anyone! So if anyone hears any different please let me know. I will be reporting this to the local newspaper.
  • Any updates on this?  I'm still being told by the new owner, Nick, to go after the old owners Chris and Marg but being told by Chris and Marg to go after Nick.  Nick's secretary told me that one bride brought Chris and Marg to small claims court and she got her deposit back.  According to the Sun Chronicle and Foxboro City Council meeting minutes, the Foxboro City Council ruled that in order to transfer the liquor license, the new owner Nick will be held liable for "all deposits to date" - Nick is saying this means only the functions that are still at Christina's, not those brides who cancelled.  Again, any advice on getting my deposit back, short of hiring a MA attorney and taking whoever to small claims court (and paying at least 1/3 of the deposit in attorney's fees)?  Has anyone else who cancelled gotten their deposit back?

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