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The Melting Pot??

Has anyone ever been to the Melting Pot?  Because we have all age ranges for the batchelorette party, my MOH suggested going here. It sounds fun and creative but just wanted to see if anyone ever experienced it.

Re: The Melting Pot??

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    I've been to one in Florida.  It is a great experience but a ton of food!  Order wisely!  It is also a slower paced dinner due to cooking it at your table so just be prepared for that.  I do highly recommend it though, especially the dessert fondue. ::drool::
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    I have been to The Melting Pot and to a different fondue restaurant.  It is fun to do it with a bunch of people but I didn't like The Melting Pot's set-up.  With the other restaurant, there were 6 of us so we got three cheese fondues and three dessert fondues. (At The Melting Pot, I think we only got one choice for all of us and there were at least 6 of us.)  It was great to have a variety because we kept switching pots and got to try more.  If you get all of the courses, it is a ton of food and it's easy to leave there feeling miserable.  But it is a fun experience.
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    We went there for my bachelorette for dinner.  While it was fun, it was also frustrating.  The dinner did take almost 3 hours and pushed back all of our plans.  You have to learn how long to cook the meat (chicken vs pork vs beef) and time it so it's cooked long enough.  I think it's an awesome place for appetizers, desserts, and drinks, but for dinner, I would pass.
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    It's delicious, but if you order a dinner it's going to cost you a pretty penny.
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    I go there quite often and we enjoy it.  It is definitely an interactive dinner and takes a fair amount of time - at least 2 hours.  As far as choices - usually you can have up to 2 choices at a 4-6 person table and they have tables with more burners (which results in more choices.)  For a larger party, you may want to have just cheese, salad and chocolate.  Trust me, you will be more than full after you are finished.  After all, a bunch of women are more than satisfied with cheese and chocolate!  (OK, I am more than satisfied with cheese and chocolate).  They have excellent service, but it can be pricey.  They may have good group rates.  They have special events where you get cheese, salad and chocolate for $20 per person.  You may be able to negotiate this deal for a larger party if you plan in advance.
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    My girlfriends bachelorette party was there, we did cheese, salad and chocolate and that took forever.

    I would stay away from it, I just hate having a dinner that eats up hours out of your night. Plus if you plan to go out downtown or partying having that much food in your stomach is probably going to make you feel tired, sluggish, and stuffed.
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