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Cheap Reception Sites in Madison


I am wondering if anyone can possible recommend some cheap reception sites in the Madison area. If possible, places where you can bring in your own caterer. Thank you!
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Re: Cheap Reception Sites in Madison

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    If you go to Wedplan.com they are a great resource. Do you want your reception inside or outside? 
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    I have looked there but was just wondering if people had other suggestions. I would prefer inside since who knows how the weather is going to be at the beginning of May. I was looking at Madison Turner Hall as a possibillity
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    Madison Turner Hall a nice place and so it the Eastside club. I know people that have also had receptions at Olbrich gardens and Monona Terrace but they have a lot of restrictions. I'm getting married at the end of May and I'm taking my chances with an outdoor reception.  
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    Hi!  We're getting married at the Monona Community Center.  It's $500 to rent the hall and you bring in your own catering (but you have to pay 10% of your catering bill to the hall, too).  One caveat:  bringing in your own catering there means you have to bring in everything:  table cloths, silverware, cups, etc.  Still, we're very happy with the choice so far. 
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    Is there a reason outside of price for wanting to bring in your own caterer?

    If it's the money  I would suggest looking at the Madison Masonic Center.  It's right downtown, a block from the capital, has an AMAZING ballroom that can fit up to 600 people and is $450 for 3 hours and then only $50 after that per hour.  They do have required onsite catering, but it's one of the best prices I have seen in the Madison area--about $17/plate for chicken and beef--cheaper for veg and they have a children's meal for $7.  I haven't tried the food yet, but I've heard great things about it from people that had their prom there or banquets.

    Not to mention, the room comes with the tables COMPLETELY set up with tablecloths for $1/person, which is pretty awesome.  You can also get cloth napkins for an extra $.25.  The best part?  You are the only even held on a weekend, so the hall opens to you on Friday (for us probably Thursday since we are a winter wedding and holding our ceremony there) and you can decorate to your heart's content.  This is awesome if you are having DIY anything, but especially decorations/centerpieces.

    The woman that works weddings is amazing to work with and I really can't say enough about how great this venue is and how happy I am that we were able to book it.  It's really beautiful and a great price in my mind, especially compared to the Overture Center and Monona Terrace.  This was the only hall we looked at and fell in love with it right away.

     Good Luck!
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    Beckster-Good luck with your outdoor wedding! Hope the weather holds up!  Where are you holding yours at?

    Ohwhynot-Yeah Turner Hall thankfully has the stuff there so you can rent it from them for $175. We are pricing around, though, to see if we can get it all cheaper from somewhere else.
    Debbie- Oooh! That sounds wonderful. I looked up the place after reading this and it doesn't look that bad. I sent a thing to them requesting more information. Is it cheaper because it's in the winter too, though? We were wanting to have a winter wedding but didn't want to risk it with all the people we have traveling. When in the winter are you doing it? We may not be having it in winter, but we are still doing a winter theme!
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    We are having our wedding Jan. 8th.  We are a little worried about people traveling, but I hope by January it won't be as bad.  Plus, we are holding the ceremony and the reception at the center so people don't have to drive around Madison and/or in the snow.  The nice thing is that there are so many downtown hotels, they could stay and walk to the center, it's really that close!  If you live in Madison and have ever driven down Johnson, you have seen the building.  I'm excited about how close it is to the capital to for pics as well!  I never thought I'd be having a winter wedding, but I've actually fallen in love with the idea with it.  A major bonus is the discounts we have gotten from photography and DJ especially.  I would highly suggest looking into it, especially if you want a winter theme!  You might as well enjoy the benefits of a winter wedding!

    I do not think we are getting any winter discounts, unfortunately :( But that's good news for you!  I know they just updated the menu and things, so there's an even better selection of food at the same great price!  If you have any other questions about the hall, I'd be happy to answer it.  The woman who coordinates is also amazing at answer questions and she's a very nice lady.

    Good luck!
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  • meghann2011meghann2011 member
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    My FI and I just checked out some places today.  Not sure how many people you're having, but I would maybe check out the Lussier Family Heritage Center.  They let you bring in your own caterer and you can provide all the drinks yourself as long as you don't charge for anything, which may save you TONS if you haven a 'drinking crowd'!  :)
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    Recently our plans kind of went up in smoke. FI kept telling me that his parents would help pay for the wedding, they decided not to, and FI kind of freaked and started changing things. But if things go as plan we are getting married at the park in the town of Burke and having the reception in Cottage Grove. There is an old school house there and FI knows the owner. They are willing to let us use their land for the reception. 
    If we can't get the park in Burke, can't reserve it until the 1st of the year, I would like to get married at the Capital. 
    But I might look into the Lussier Family heritage Center too...sounds like a great deal!
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