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Hair Trial (PIP)

I had my hair trial today. She didn't make it really polished so I wouldn't have to pay full price for the trial (love my stylist!). Things I like: side sweep, part, way it looks from the sides. Things I need to think about: size of curls, loops in back.


Re: Hair Trial (PIP)

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    I think it looks really pretty on you!! I think the loops in the first picture look good. In the second picture for some reason I feel like they stand out too much as circles and look a little silly...but I don't know if they would look better bigger or smaller. Maybe if there were more it would look better? IDK

    BUt I like it a lot overall!
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    I love the front and the picture of it from the front.  I agree the last picture looks more like circles than curls for some reason. 
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    Alternatives? I can't find any pictures of what to do with a half up and half down in the back. Every picture is a front picture - nothing of the detail on the back of the head! Help!
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    I really love it, Chica! So elegant :) 
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    I LOVE It, I think its so pretty! 
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    Your hair is sooo long.  Haha...  You're making mine look short.
    I do like the curls, BTW.
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    I know!!! I can't wait to donate it. I have like 16 inches to donate if I get a cute bob before the HM! :)
    I still don't know what to do in the back...I've been searching and I haven't found anything I like!
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    THe only advice I offer is has a lot of hair pictures. Also try searching "hair trial" and the forum results will come up as well. 

    I think it looks nice, I just think in the last picture it doesn't look as nice for some reason. But that could be just the angle or something. Not like most of your pictures are gonna be from behind you anyway ;)

    Maybe just have your stylist play around with it?
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    1-I think its beautiful.  She just needs to work on the curls in the back not being severely pinned down and a little looser.  It will help the look be more romantic.

    2-She may find it easier to do a 4-6 strand braid very loose as the sweep.  This will allow her to take pieces from the front and back and intertwine them into the weave of the braid.  When you do that you can make it as tight or as loose as you want it and you never know its a braid.  It also gives her more play with the style.  It ends up being really romantic/whimsical.  I'll try to look through my portfolio for any pictures of this.  Its hard to picture in your mind without ever seeing it done.
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    DirtyWater - I'd love to see pics of the braid. Thanks!!!
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    very pretty!  I like the first style the best.  Do you mind sharing who your stylist is?  I'm actually looking for one that would travel to the Lake Winnipesaukee area on August 1st.

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