Knoxville or Maryville Venue recs

Hi there! I am starting to look at venues in Knoxville and Maryville. Does anyone have any recommendations on places they have looked at/ had an event at? We are aiming to keep this a budget event. No Gatlinburg, please (no offense at all to Gburg brides, but trying to keep it very local). Thanks so much for any advice you can give!
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Re: Knoxville or Maryville Venue recs

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    Hi! I'm going to rattle off a few ideas off the top of my head, but it would help to have some more specifics like how many guests you're thinking, what type of food you want to serve, etc.

    We had our reception at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Knoxville, and it was absolutely amazing. I'm not sure how tight your budget is, but they seem to run around the same catering prices as the other Knoxville hotels and the Convention Center.

    Rothschild Catering in West Knox is also a pretty cool venue--not as pretty as the hotels, but it's nice and has a lot of very flexible, very affordable catering choices. They also run their own event rentals service, so that may give you another opportunity to save.

    You may also be able to save by bringing in your own caterer after renting a small hall. The Laurel Theater immediately comes to mind, but only if you have a pretty small group.

    Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more details or questions.
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    I"m just starting to look into places as well, but I just saw "Sabrina Fair" at the Capitol Theatre in Maryville and fell in love with the setting. There's a wide dance floor and an elevated area for tables. I haven't actually been to a wedding there, but it's so cute and reminicent of the 50's theatre it used to be. They don't have prices up on the site, so I'm not sure of the cost, but I'm sure you could email and ask.
    Anyway, it's an idea!
    Here's the link- http://www.bookthecapitol.com/events.php
    Good luck!
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    Thanks ladies! And opal, the Laurel had crossed my mind, but I'm looking for more of an outdoor option. As for the specifics, it's actually good that I didn't post that before, because it may have drastically changed today. Due to an unforeseen scheduling issue, my wedding (which up until today I was fairly sure was going to be in ATL, in Dec. I was actually checking knoxville for next summer) may have just moved right back here to my hometown. This summer. So, we have a large family (about 120 on the guest list, no room to budge on that) and had previously (by planning it at a location we had basically free, in winter) hoped to keep our budget at about $10,000. Don't know if that's possible during the summer. Especially on this short a timeline. my bridesmaids are wonderful, and can be here whenever I need them. Supportive family. Unfortunately, no nearby family land or big backyards, and not a single do-it-yourselfer among us. I already have my dress ($600 for dress and alterations). So, what I really need is  budget locations with an indoor option in case of rain, preferably with a minimal need for decorations. And, if you have any catering options? Thanks so much for the responses. Keep the help comin'!!!
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    Darah's Garden...it is located just a few miles off of the Alcoa Highway near Sevier Heights Baptist Church.

    My best friend had her wedding there last summer and it was AMAZING! It would be my first pick if I weren't getting married in Kingsport.

    Great outdoor space and beautiful inside as well!
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    Butterfly Gap in Maryville ?
    if you are willing to go to townsend, look at the Lily Barn and the Barn Event Center. You could also look into using the GSM heritage center on Lamar Alexander pkwy--reasonable prices and has a covered area. 

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    twin cedar farms is near the airport
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    I also live in Maryville and have been looking for venues. Dara's Garden is gorgeous, but really expensive since you have to go through their catering. Butterfly Gap is amazing and they are relatively well priced. They also have a kitchen so you can bring in your own caterers or have friends bring food for you.

    I have decided to get married at the Worlds Fair Park in Knoxville. My cousin got married in Market Square in October a few years ago and it was only $200 to rent.
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    I got married in Maryville at the Capitol Theatre.
    It was absolutely gorgeous and amazing. My budget was 10k, but my guest list was about 100 and like 50 came, so it was smaller than yours.
    They use Sullivan's as their caterer, which is good if you like them, but they charge you extra if you want to use an outside caterer.
    If you want more info let me know.
    Dara's Garden was beautiful as well.
    I went to a reception at The Barn this weekend and it is beautiful, with some great locations for pictures.
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    Hello hizzle85 I am thinking about getting married at the capital theatre. Can you tell me more information??
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