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Inbetween dress sizes, What do I do?!

So the other day I went dress shopping and found the dress that I've always wanted. Besides being a little more then what I wanted to spend but my I'm inbetween sizes, my chest is a little too big (yes they are real). She mentioned getting split sizing but from what I understood that is more money. If I go with a larger size I will paying a ton on alterations. Can I loose 2" around my bust or can they even let the dress out a little around my chest. I did explain that I've been working on my weight and health for a year and I'm already done 34lbs and would like to be down another 20-25 and atleast tone up. But I'm sure she hears that all the time" I'm going to loose weight" but half the time the girl doesn't.
Any suggestions on what to do with ordering?
Any awesome work outs to trim the fat around chest and tone?

Re: Inbetween dress sizes, What do I do?!

  • Normally with ten months or so left to go I'd say you would be ok to order the smaller size since you are in between but the bust is a tricky area. Did you lose inches there before when you lost the 34 pounds? If not, then I think you might be better ordering the split size. I've lost half a cup size (thankfully) but its taken a long time.

    And congrats on the weight loss so far!
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  • What will cost more money? Split sizing or ordering up? Go with the one that will cost less in the long run. Ex: ordering up - dress is $1,000 with $400 in alterations = $1,400 total
    Split sizing - dress is $1,200 with $ 300 in alterations = $1500 total.
    In this case, ordering up is the way to go

    Depending on the type of fabric/detail, letting the dress out may be harder than just taking it in. Fit for your boobs first, then plan everything else around them.

    I have a friend with F's (they're real too!) but is like a size 6 everywhere else- she has to have any formal dresses custom fitted.
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  • I forgot to mention - when I sew I typically use 5/8" seam. If you were to let something out the max I would do it is to a 1/4" seam which would only give you back an inch. It puts additional stress on the seam and is more likely to split open. It might be different for bridal dresses.

    And your friend needed custom sizing for an F???? I am so doomed. Better add more money into the budget for that.

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  • Always order a dress to fit your largest feature. Always.

    As PPs have said, it's much easier to take one in than to let it out. Having worked on formal gowns for years  (I worked for a bridal designer once upon a time) I can also tell you that some designers clip their seams to the dresses can't be let out. When you've custom ordered a dress that's too small and it can't be let out, what do you do???

    Order it to fit your bust now. Alterations will make it fit everywhere else when it's time, and if you lose weight from your chest between now and then, the seamstress can make that work too.
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