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Catholic Calesthenics help

I've included in our program when to stand/sit during the ceremony.  I was looking on Catholic Wedding Help dot com which said that guests should stand for the Rite of Marriage.  Does that mean the entire Rite of Marriage? TIA

Re: Catholic Calesthenics help

  • agapecarrieagapecarrie member
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    Your priest may prefer to have them seated and just the wedding party standing. I wouldn't put anything there, and the priest can direct the church what to do.
  • mbcdefgmbcdefg member
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    I don't think I've ever attended a Catholic wedding where the guests stood during things other than the entrance, opening hymn, Gospel reading and any closing prayers/hymns. (And obviously stand/kneel at appropriate points in a Nuptial Mass.)I think the only people I've seen stand throughout the Rite of Marriage, other than the bride and groom, have been the Best Man and MOH.
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    ditto pp, never seen guests stand during marriage part
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    In my area, the entire wedding party (MOH, BM, bridesmaids, groomsmen) stands but the guests remain seated during that part.  I would just check with your priest and see what the norm is and go based off of what he says.  However, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt if you'd prefer them to be standing, as long as you run it by him first.  I do think everyone would have a much better view of you in the front of the church if they were seated though, in my opinion.  Hope this helps!
  • tnspighttnspight member
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    Thanks everyone!  I don't think they should have to stand up the whole time so we'll discuss this with our priest, too.
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