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Inexpensive flowers

It's time to figure out what to do about flowers for my April wedding. I'm thinking about doing fake flowers just to save money but am not sold on the ideas. I'm looking for any ideas.

Re: Inexpensive flowers

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    You may or may not save money going that route. The nicer silks out there (that look more realistic) can cost the same as real flowers. I used real flowers, but shopped around for a florist. I was all set to use Giant Eagle when a friend recommended I meet with a gal from the Heinen's floral dept and I totally clicked with her. She did weddings from her home workshop (for a fraction of the cost of a standard 'shop' florist) and I was impressed by her enthusiasm. The flowers looked great and I didn't spend nearly as much as I thought I would have to. Giant Eagle was in the same ballpark and I'm sure would have done a nice job, too.
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    I am going with Fresh Tendrils in Rocky River - she is wonderful to work with and has great prices!
  • crys0124crys0124 member
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    Helene from Hosanna Designs also does hers from home so it's a lot cheaper than most.  She actually quoted me half the price of another florist and I'm getting more expensive flowers with her.
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    You can try and order your flowers from a grower.  Thats what I am doing for my flowers.  Just do a google search.
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