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I recently got engaged and we are planning for october 2013- so we have PLENTY of time, but I would like to go ahead and book my venue for the ceremony.  I was wondering if anyone has worked with tate farms.  I've tried to call them, but I get a voicemail saying they are closed for the season.... I know they are a pumpkin patch in the fall, but I thought I saw that they held events year round?  I really want outdoors and am running out of ideas!!! I have already looked into the go to venues... burritt, anabella, botanical gardens, the art museum.  thanks ladies :)

Re: tate farms

  • Have you tried J&D Farms in Gadsden? We had our wedding there in May and it was perfect :)

  • i have looked at J&D farms and it looks gorgeous!!  the only problem is that gadsen is quite the drive for my family from huntsville and hazel green.  i'm sure your wedding will be amazing!!
  • They are a full farm operation and it's busy season. Tried contacting them through the website? If you can't get a hold of em let me know. I know them personally so maybe I can help.
  • thanks!  I actually was able to get hold of them last week.  I'm going to go look at it next week and I am SO excited.  the only downside is that they don't do weddings in October, which makes good sense, but i was hoping for an october wedding.  oh well :)
  • Let us know how it goes!

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