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Invites and Paper

Envelopes/ mini vent

Hi all, first post so don't blast me please!
My Aunt offered to write the names on my envelopes and I said thank you very much as she does have lovely handwriting, she's family and I think it's important for family to be involved once they are interested... They came out pretty terrible though! She has done a better job of signing my birthday cards so I was pretty shocked at how they came out. She rushed through them, they aren't centered, put funny circle things over the names and put funny lines dragging after about 3/4 of them.

I am totally not fussy bride so I'm surprised at myself for being bothered.. I think my thing is that if you aren't going to do them properly just don't! Anyway... they are done but my mother and I are kinda upset and my mum just wants to do them over.

I am in the frame of mind that "who is really going to notice/care" and we are just upset at how she did them just because we know her and her personality type (if it were her daughter it would be only the best and she would boast about it!).

Just wanted to vent as it just happened! I know it's kind of silly but this is actually the only thing that has bothered me throughout my planning, it really has been easy and stress free. Got less than 3 months to go now (yay!!)
Wishing an easy planning process and amazing wedding day for anyone who reads this ;o)

Re: Envelopes/ mini vent

  • i would be so frustrated as well! do you love your invites themselves? just think no one will notice/remember the addressing on the outside once they see your great invitations inside the envelope.
  • i'd be mad too.. i think that she should have only offered if she was going to make them beautiful, like her normal handwritting. if she knew she didn't have time and needed to rush through them, she should have let you know.

    i'm really sorry! major bummer! your guests will just throw them away and whent hey see it, if they ask, just say aunt martha did them.. or something hahaha. give her all that 'credit'!
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  • Oops, Auntie!  Our clutzy puppy spilled water ALL OVER the envelopes.  I didn't want to bother you, so we just buckled down and re-did them.  

    Yep, I'd do them over myself too.  I'm really, really, really, really picky/anal about stuff being as absolutely perfect as possible.
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