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How would you write the return address for invitations?

I don't know if it's more appropriate to write my name and FI's name or to write my parents' names for the return address.  What do you suggest?  For me, it's not a question of who's hosting or who's paying because in the Vietnamese culture, we don't make this distinction; I guess you can say that everyone is pitching in.  It's a question of what is more appropriate.  Is there a tradition I don't know about?
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Re: How would you write the return address for invitations?

  • I just chose to have no name.  On the back flap I wrote:

    123 Main St.
    City, State Zip Code

    Oh.  And I used my own address, not parents address since I was the one keeping track of all of the wedding information.
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  • If you and your FI will be the ones keeping track of returned invitations and RSVP cards, then just go ahead and use your names and address.  You can just do last names or no names if you want.

    Smith-Jones Wedding
    Your address

    or like pp said, just the address.  It doesn't matter, as long as it goes to whoever will be the one keeping track of all that stuff.
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  • I wrote my fiance's name and my name on the return address of the outer envelope and my name on the send back response card envelope.  Those send back ones are smaller and I don't even know if fiance's and my name would have fit.  No one has mentioned it so I think it is ok. 
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  • edited June 2010
    We do not live together so I just had them addressed to "My last name / His last name Wedding" at my address.
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  • Since my FI and I are the ones who are paying for the wedding we have the RSVP's coming to our attention. My name first using my maiden name and then his.
  • Thanks ladies!  Do you think that if I were to use my address but both my name and FI's name, would people think we live together?  We don't live together, that's the thing.
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  • My mother is having the invitations returned to her at my parents' home.  Our invitations are worded as Mr. and Mrs. Bride's parents and Mr. and Mrs. Groom's parents request the honor of your presence.  (So the parents are doing the inviting, not us.  For practical reasons, we chose my parents as the hosts to return the invitations to.)  If the ivitation wording indicates that YOU are the hosts, then I would have you be the person to contact.  If you are not living together then I (personally) would not include your fiance in the return label.  Just a thought...
  • We're using my parents' names and address for the STDs and invitations.  We don't live together, my parents are paying for the wedding, and it just doesn't make sense to have them returned to the places we live off campus when we won't be there when RSVPs are coming back.
  • I actually bought a stamp with both of our names on it and the address that we will be living at.  That way people would have our new address.  Smile
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  • Whose names are on the top line of your invitation?
    If your parents' names are on the top line of your invitation as the people who are requesting the honour of the guests' presence,
    then your parents are hosting the wedding -
    no matter who PAYS -
    and as the HOSTS, your parents get the RSVPs to the event they are hosting.
  • Kristin789, I think you're right; or at least your advice makes most sense in my situation.  Since it does say both our parents' names at the top, and then our names following their names, I will make the return addresses be my parents' and not my name and FI's name.
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  • How are your invites worded? Is it an invite from your parents, from you guys or from the entire family?
    I think the address is the safest bet if you want to keep away from preconcieved notions of living together, parents paying or you paying.
  • I think we're going with this:

    [bride's parents' names]
    [groom's parents' names]
    request the honour of your presence
    at the Nuptial Mass
    uniting their children
    [bride's name]
    [groom's name]
    in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony
    on [date & time]
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