I'm needing to find a photographer in the Searcy area. I've now had two photographers cancel and I'm getting desperate. My mother said that she intended to just give her camera to someone and have them take pictures Frown I would also really need them to be affordable because the money I had set aside was based on the other two photographers rates which were pretty much next to nothing. Thanks!

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    I have an awesome photographer.  Her name is Whitney Flora.  She is a school teacher that is trying to get in the wedding buisiness, but was actually referred to me by another really expensive photographer which is very flattering.  She has a website. Her pics are really good.  She is nice.  And the best part is that she is super affordable.  I am a second time bride and paying for the whole wedding myself.
    Hope this helps.Smile
    JMK, MD 10-8-11
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    My sister just booked Stephanie Parsely...she was waaaayy cheaper than most of the photographers we looked at and her pictures are amazing!! She hasn't done that many weddings, but shes on facebook if you wanna check her out, the ones she has done are gorgeous.
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    I know a lady who just started doing wedding photography, but she's very reasonable. I suppose she would travel to Searcy.
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    You can try Tammy Leker. She is who did mine
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    How much did you budget for the photographer?  1800-3000?  you can probably find someone descent for around 2000.  Ive been looking for quite a while and still havent decided who to use.  Go to and start calling down the list.  There were lots of really good photographers that are on there.

    Good luck
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    Hey try Tammie Thessing. is her website. 
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    gibbousmoonphotography - prices are around $500
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