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Engagement pictures

I never really wanted to do them, but it seems they are included with most photography packages.

Did you do them?  How soon after the engagement?  Where did you go to take them?  Did you order any prints?  (or what did you use them for)

Advice greatly appreciated!

Re: Engagement pictures

  • Mine are included in my package as a free add on, we are going to do them just because we don't have a lot of pics together and it'll give us a chance to get to know our photographer. I also get a copyright cd of them so I can make prints as I choose.

    We want to wait until late summer early fall to do our pictures though because we want the changing of the tree's and things like that.
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    My photographer usually charges for them but she's doing our for free (woo hoo!).  We got engaged last August & were supposed to have our e-pics done in April but we rescheduled for July due to weather. 

    We're going to Asbury Park here in NJ. There's a beach, boardwalk, old casino, & really cool city streets so we'll be able to get a lot of different kinds of pictures.  

    We're going to use an e-pic for our STDs & maybe frame a couple to put out at the wedding on the card table, guest book table, something like that. 

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    My epics are a gift from my photographer friend (and MOH) we are doing them in July and I will have full rights to the photos to print or use as necessary. Going to use them for STD's definitely.
    We are going to Circus World Museum in Baraboo, WI. I love it because all of the bright colors with the tents and circus wagons and some great historic architecture! It will be lots of fun :) Balloons and hopefully an elephant ride!

    Advice- pick something that reflects you- and don't be afraid to look silly... Sometimes the pose that feels weird will be the prettiest picture!
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  • I posted about mine.  You can do them whenever you want.  We chose spring because I wanted everything to be in bloom.  Ours was included in the package.  We've always talked about getting our pictures done, but never did it.  I'm planning to use one for our thank you cards, frame a few to put in our house and give to our parents, put one in the local newspaper for an engagement announcement, and since I love them all so much, I'm going to print most of them out and put them in a photo album.

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  • We got engaged in November and will be getting them the last weekend of July. It came with our photography package with prints & copyright. It will be a great way for FI to get comfortable with photographer he hates pictures. But we need them cause we dont have many. We will be going to the local college we live by and I work out. Very beautiful lay out, as well we will be going in the state game lands near our soon to be house!
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  • We got engaged last year May and our photography package includes e session too. We're doing ours in August and will use it for the STD's. I wanted them but didn't want to pay extra, we're now getting together ideas for what to wear and props.
  • I just booked our engagement pictures for September 7. I wanted them this month but FI wanted to wait until fall so September was the compromise. We're meeting our photographer by PNC park on the north shore and going from there. I'm super excited to go shopping for the outfits lol. I want to use them for STDs but we'll see.
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    We had one set of engagement pictures in December in Rockefeller Center, NYC  but they came out horrible. We picked the wrong photographer and she didn't direct us on what to do and we were lost. We are having an engagement photo session with our wedding photographer in July, I can't wait. We will be taking them in Cape May, NJ where we got engaged. 

    The first time we took the pictures, it was about 6 months after we were engaged. This time when we take our e-pics they will be taken a year and a month after we got engaged. 
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  • My E-Pics are free with my photography package. We're doing them at the DC National Harbor in maybe August. The sunset and water makes for pretty pictures. We are going to use them in our STDs and maybe incorporate them into the reception centerpieces somehow.
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