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Vegas anyone?

Has anyone done a honeymoon in Vegas? Any suggestions or reviews?

We are planning our honeymoon last minute and are looking to stay stateside. We intentionally waited until the last minute in order to use FI job discount (we can go anywhere for $300 for the week). I wanted to do San Fran, but it's booked. We are now looking at Vegas or Tahoe, and leaning toward Vegas.

Re: Vegas anyone?

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    Although I didn't HM there, I love Vegas and am going next month.  There is a ton of great food, shows, spas, pools, etc.  I love it and we're not gamblers.

    We did SF in July and that was great too. October is busy in Vegas--it's much cheaper to stay during the week and the hotel rates usually double on Friday and Saturday.  Have Presidential Limo pick you up from the airport--It's only like $65 and they will take you to the Las Vegas sign and have champagne in the limo for you.  Great way to kick off your honeymoon!

    Check smartervegas.com and Travelzoo for discount codes and specials on hotels and shows.
  • I didn't hm there either but I've been twice.  I'd recommend staying at Mandalay Bay.  It's great.  
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    Can you stay at any hotel?  Or are you limited in where you can stay? 
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    [QUOTE]Can you stay at any hotel?  Or are you limited in where you can stay? 
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    We will have to stay at a Wyndham resort and there are two in the area.
  • I don't find Vegas to be very romantic, but whatever floats your boat.

    If you've never been, get ready to do a lot of walking. The casinos are HUGE. And you have the walk through the whole thing to get to the street, then down the street (the blocks are probably 1/2 a mile long), then through the next casino to get to where you're going... There's a monorail, but you have to walk through the casinos to get anywhere anyway.

    There are plenty of cool high-end restaurants. I find most of the "reasonably" priced restaurants in the casinos to be mediocre. If you rent a car, you can research some cool stuff off the strip (Vegas has lots of good restaurants in random little strip malls). The exception is that there are some good buffets. But again, research.

    It's pretty cool to go through all the casinos and check out the themes, especially if you find bars or events you want to try. I like New York New York, the Cosmopolitan, Caesar's and Paris Las Vegas. Bellagio is really nice, too.

    A romantic thing to do would be to take a trip to the top of the Eiffle Tower and watch the Bellagio water show from there. I also recommend going downtown to see the Freemont Street Experience at night.
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    I would stay at Planet Hollywood then because it's the only one on the strip.  I stayed there in 2006 when it was Aladdin.  It is not the most romantic of the hotels, but it is in a great location, very centrally located so it's easy to get to everything. 
  • I don't recommend Vegas for a honeymoon but that's just my opinion. It is more for a PRE wedding celebration and is not romantic. I would recommend California over Vegas. Vegas is more of a party scene where there is always action. It depends what you want but I personally would find another option.
  • Where is it written that honeymoon destinations have to be romantic? I think if you focus on fun first, the romance will just naturally follow.

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    [QUOTE]Where is it written that honeymoon destinations have to be romantic? I think if you focus on fun first, the romance will just naturally follow.
    Posted by zitiqueen[/QUOTE]

    Ditto this.  We did a road trip, hiking national parks and forests.  Most people had the same "that's not romantic!" reaction.  But it was US.  And that was what was important.  We're not lay on the beach/sightsee/spend all day in our hotel room people.  So we need to go on a vacation that fits everyone else's definition of "romantic" just because it's our HM?  Sorry, we wanted to enjoy our HM.

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  • My fiance and I are booking to go to vegas, found some awesome deals on everything so far. I went last year on a trip with my parents, dad was there on work, mom and I hit the town! There's a lot my fiance would have liked, we are big foodies, and plan on experiencing cuisine, driving the red rock canyon, and seeing the hoover dam together. It's all about adventure together that my fiance and I love. And a romantic hotel room, jacuzzi, and pools are awesome. There's a lot to do in vegas, and it feels like you are visiting many places in the world there. I can't wait to go! Going to be awesome. Need any advice let me know. Vegas is like a trap though, you have to know how to book rental cars and get the scoop on things before you are out there. I'll explain more, but message me. I'm excited! Going to be fun. 
  • Change of plans, instead of Vegas, saving the $800 for plane tickets there and back for a nice condo in Destin, FL. My family has vacationed there every year, Fiance's never been, found an awesome place, it'll be amazing! Can't wait. Still rec. Vegas though. We just want to be lazy and hit the beach and awesome small yummy food joints. And it's not a far drive for us. I'm excited!
  • Thanks for the feedback. I have been to Vegas once, but didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted. My fiancee' has never been. I realize it's not considered "romantic" but I think it will definitely be fun. We will not be staying in a regular hotel (we will have a full kitchen, living rm, and bedrm, 5 miles off the strip).

    Thinking of day trips to Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam. Feel free to provide any additional suggestions.
  • Fi & I went to Vegas for the first time this spring. Needless to say we will never be returning. It was not for us at all. We are very outdoorsy people who dont gamble, we would go camping over Vegas anyday. There is very little good I have to say about Vegas.

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