I'm Married!!

Hi Ladies,

Well I am offically married!! :) Everything was perfect and we just got back from Antigua- SO pretty!

Does anyone know how to change my last name?  I got the packet from the courthouse, but am still confused by the whole process!



Re: I'm Married!!

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    Congratulations! Love the new sig pic.

    I've heard the DMV or Social Security office is the first place to start, but I'm sure one of the married ladies will help!
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    Congrats! The first thing to do, once you receive your official marriage license is to change your driver's license, followed by social security card. Once you have those two, you can change your name everywhere! I didn't use the packet I found it confusing!
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    You have to request a triple seal copy of your license. If you got it in Allegheny County it requires mailing a $10 money order, but I'm not sure how other counties do it. It does not just get mailed to you though. Take the triple seal to the social security office (I suggest finding a lesser known location to reduce the lengthy line business) and then deal with the DMV after that. Everything else can be done over the phone. My bank took a copy of the regular, non triple seal, license..but that was the only other place that wanted some sort of proof.


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    no help with the name changing process, just wanted to say CONGRATS!!!!   :)
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