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Help semi wr

So my guest list is complete no more changing period. It is 95 people split evenly one third family from me, Fi and our friends. Already puts us over budget if everyone shows to begin with. Well I have a friend who is getting married and we are not super close but we hang out. I just received her save the date, she was not on our list. I feel very guilty but we cannot add anyone let alone two more people. I have no idea what to do Fi says just talk to her tell her the truth budget blah blah which is the truth. If I could invite more I would so be inviting a few other people whom I am closer too but our budget is just not flexible. I don't know what to do. Should I leave it be an just go to her wedding which is after mine or should I talk with her ahead of time? Ps sorry no paragraphs on my phone.

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