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2 weeks and RSVP help?

I have 2 weeks to go and I just can't wait. What have you guys done about people who RSVP later. Tell them no or just make it work?

Re: 2 weeks and RSVP help?

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    We have about 40 ppl who say "maybe, it depends on work." Grrr. My family is catering so I don't need numbers until a few days before. Idk what you catering situation is, is it per plate or buffet style? Either way its up to you, as unhelpful as that is! Personally, I don't have a lot of cojones, so I'm trying to make accomedations.
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  • I messaged everyone who I couldn't get in touch with after days of trying and said "The deadline is past and since we didn't hear from you we will put you down as no."


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  • Have you put in your final numbers? Have you tried to call or email those individuals? If those have been done and your reception/venue/caterer (whichever it is) is paid for, then you can tell them sorry, you did not respond to me. But if you can still make it work, and its still with in your budget, then go for it. no need to stress yourself with this two weeks ahead of time. I am also two weeks out. i have already put in my numbers and paid for those people and I'm starting to get those people that are saying they aren't sure they can make it now. I have just given up on that and was like whatever.
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  • I'm 2 weeks out as well. I've been calling trying to get in touch with everyone. Most people have gotten back to me with a difinitive answer, but since I need final numbers by Monday, I'm going to call/email again today and tell them they have until tomorrow to get back to me, otherwise they get marked down as a no.

    If your date is already past, I would just call people and tell them that if they can't give you a difinitve answer today, then you have to mark them down as a no. Good luck!

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    As soon as our RSVP date came we started calling/emailing everyone who hadn't responded.  Like PP said, when do you need to give final numbers?  If you need to tell the venue and haven't heard, send them a message that says they are unable to come now.  If you haven't told your venue yet when you contact the people say you have a deadline.
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