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Bridal Shower help

So I have a friend, who is hosting another friend's bridal shower. It's her first time, so she's at a loss of what kinds of activities to have at this occasion. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Thanks ladies!!!
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Re: Bridal Shower help

  • None- most people hate being forced to play games and activities at showers.
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    If you do want to do games you can find a lot of ideas on google.  While some might not like games, some do and will get into them if they are fun.  Whoever is hosting should have an insight about what the bride would like and if the guests would be the type to enjoy them.  You can't please everyone, but its worth having some in mind.  Try one and if the guests are into it continue, but if people don't seem like they are into it, just do one and move on.  Showers I have been too have had fun games that we actually enjoyed doing, so you can find good ones out there.  We did one for our friend where we got the groom involved and made a video asking him a bunch of questions about him, the relationship, etc and we had the bride answer the questions too (Kind of a Do You Know Your Groom type thing).  If she got it wrong she had to eat piece a gum for every wrong answer.  Hard to explain, but it was actually a lot of fun and the bride loved it and people have fun learning about the couple in a fun way.  Just need to know your crowd really.

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